How to Switch to unc0ver from Electra jailbreak ( Download Links)


 Switch to unc0ver from Electra jailbreak: iPhone life keeps on getting better after every tweak. We find it very helpful in many ways. Well, there are jailbreaks available for iPhone device we will be mainly talking about ELECTRA as well as unc0ver jailbreak.

unc0ver is one of the latest jailbreak available in iPhone. It uses all the basic as well as premium features of Electra. It also has some additional feature which makes unc0ver more reliable than Electra.

In this blog, we will be talking about how to safely switch from Electra to unc0ver in case you want to try this new feature.


pwn20wnd released the unc0ver version without prior announcement. It has taken everyone by storm.

unc0ver covers every feature of Electra. There’s no question whether you should switch to the unc0ver version or not. unc0ver claims to be one of the top jailbreaks across iPhone devices.

unc0ver has fixed all the glitches of Electra along with that it has improved battery life, performance, fix freeze issues etc. There’s no second thought that unc0ver is more superior than Electra. If you want to give unc0ver a try then go ahead with the below tutorial step-by-step.


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod running Electra jailbreak
  • iOS 11.0-11.4 Beta 3 firmware


So, if you have come all along this point then first and foremost backup your data through iTunes and then follow the below steps.

  • Disable your passcode from Settings and disable Low Power Mode (LPM) if it’s enabled.
  • Perform a full backup of your data on iTunes or iCloud.
  • Back up your tweak data with Flashback from MPG13 Cydia repo (
  • Restart your device to reset the settings which Electra has changed.
  • Turn on the Airplane mode to increase the success rate of installation.


  • Download and install pwn20wnd’s jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad. Download unc0ver jailbreak to your device. You can install its IPA file or get it directly from Ignition signing service (recommended).
  • Trust the certificate so that you can proceed with the installation process. Follow the steps to know how to trust the certificate.
  • Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
 Switch to unc0ver from Electra jailbreak:
Switch to unc0ver from Electra jailbreak:


 Switch to unc0ver from Electra jailbreak:
Switch to unc0ver from Electra jailbreak:


  • After the installation opens the application you have to wait for20-25 seconds.
  • Once you open the application you can start using the application straight away without any problem.

This was all about how to safely move from Electra to the unc0ver tweak. Keeps following us for more better tweak because life is soothing when you have plenty of tweaks.