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    Strange Indeed a Fancast for The Stand: 61 “Utangatta” (Maniac S1E09) and “Option C” (Maniac S1E10)


    This is the ultimate review of the 9th and 10th Episodes for Netflix's new show Maniac staring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone titled "Utangatta" and "Option C".

    Rima and Shawn break down their top five from the episodes as well as share notes about the episode.  Tune in to hear the News from Netflix and Maniac.  Then listen to the Letters from Super Computer GRTA Prison as Rima and Shawn share listener feedback.

    Join the Trial with Rima and Shawn in Episode 61 "Utangatta" (Maniac S1E09) and "Option C" (Maniac S1E10).

    Next week we will be covering the new Netflix TV Series "The Haunting On Hill House" Episode 1 Titled "Steven Sees a Ghost" the description for the episode "While investigating a ghost story for his latest novel, a skeptical Steven receives a call from his sister that triggers a chain of fateful events."

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