Strange Indeed a Fancast for The Stand: 56 “Romans” (Castle Rock S1E10)


Sep 14, 2018

This is the ultimate review of the Tenth and Final Episode for
Hulu’s new show Castle Rock based on the world of Stephen King
titled “Romans”.

Rima and Shawn break down their top five from the episode as
well as share notes about the episode.  Tune in to hear the
News from Castle Rock and Hulu.  Then listen to the Letters
from Shawshank Prison  as Rima and Shawn share listener

Take a trip to Stephen King’s Castle Rock with Rima and Shawn in
Episode 56 “Romans” (Castle Rock S1E10).

We will take off Next week to recharge our brains but the
following week we will be covering the New Netflix TV Show “Maniac”
The Description of the new show “Two strangers are drawn to a
mysterious pharmaceutical trial that will they’re assured, with no
complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their
problems, permanently.  Things to not go as planned.”

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