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    Cocospy Review: The Best Free Cell Phone Tracker Parents Need to Know

    Cocospy is a GPS based control program which helps in assisting employers and parents and to track a cell phone location for free and the device activities of their children and employees respectively.


    There is no point to deny that every parent dream is to be with their kids at every step but this is not achievable. For this, Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker has been formed by keeping the concerned of every parent in a view.

    Moving ahead it is permitting the techies to get into the favourite social media platforms as well like Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram, moreover to sneak into these applications the device must either be rooted or jailbreak to utilise it to the best level.

    Android Spy CocoSpy – Installation

    First, you have to a Create your account. To create an account you will need an authentic email address to receive the login id and password and app downloading link.

    After creating the account, you have to download and install the Cocospy app via the downloading link, you have to play with settings in the target phone. there will be two to three options will come at the beginning like name, which device you are using “Android” or “iPhone” for Android users you have to obviously tap on Android. After all these things you setup will be completed.

    iPhone Spy CocoSpy – Installation

    For the registration or creating the account, you have to use your device’s iCloud account and password. You Will get all download links to the email.

    Cocospy: Product’s Core Features – Start Monitoring

    Call tracking is a service which is available at free of cost for the use, it enables to check both the incoming and outgoing calls, one does not require to access the smartphone physically and get into the call details.

    Cocospy is a multi-program platform which is compatible with both the operating system of Android and iOS, as it can monitor the gadgets which are running on these OS apart from that it also works well on Mac and Windows.

    Sim cards play a very important role for a source of information, as they contain every record of information about the user, one can obtain text messages, calls, contacts etc data which is saved on the SIM cards.

    Website history, which is the most advantages and essential feature of cocospy, as it also helps to keep an eye on the activities which are happening on the browser as well. It can track every change which is made to the browser.

    Sneak into the social media applications, even the most popular social media platform can be observed, as cocospy can read multimedia files sent or received, read text messages, no matter whether it is Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber or Snapchat.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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