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    Spotify is making it easier to share podcasts on Android


    Spotify LifestyleSource: Chris Wedel/Android Central

    Spotify has been diving deep into podcasting over the past few months, and it is now blending that newfound interest with its pre-existing collaborative features. Rolling out today to iOS and Android phone users, Spotify will now let you share timestamped podcasts.

    Recall how you can share a YouTube video with the precise timestamp you want someone to watch? It’s like that, but for Spotify. When listening to a podcast, you’ll be able to use the “switch to share” feature to share a podcast at the precise moment you want them to tune in. In other words, you can share the juiciest parts of your true-crime podcast with your friends now with this feature.

    Spotify had been investing in sharing features over the course of the pandemic, launching features like Group Sessions so that people could have fun together while being apart. Even as the pandemic winds down for some, these collaborative features will still prove important. It’s also more aimed at driving users to engage with podcasts socially and share them with their friends. As Spotify monetizes its podcasting arm, the company is interested in getting more users to listen to them. If you’re hooked by a free one, you’re more likely to monetize it.

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    Spotify will also launch two other features. The first is an update to Canvas, a feature described as “album artwork for the streaming age.” It’s essentially a short video loop that replaces album art. It’s now being made available on Snapchat. It was always present on Instagram, but now users will be able to use the other popular social media platform as well. Spotify will also let you preview how your Canvas shares will look ahead of time.

    Spotify’s interest in driving new social features is part of a response to customer demand. The company says that 40% of users find new music from their friend groups on social channels, so making it easier and more convenient to share will help listeners find new tracks.


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