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    How to Speed Up Android Phone When it Running Slow

    We all want our smartphone to run fast and smooth but due to excess of applications and media will make our phone slow. So, here we have compiled the list of 5 ways with which we can speed up our Android Phone easily:

    Remove Unused Apps

    Most of time we download some of the unnecessary apps and widgets which we have use only one or two time. It could slowdown our Smartphone performance and degrade its battery life as well. Users need to install those apps which is in need. Some of pre-loaded apps that are pre-installed by the phone manufacturer cannot be uninstalled. So you will have to settle for disabling them, so that it will not harm your phone.

    Remove Themes and widgets

    Themes and Animation is also a way which helps in slow down our phone. Remove those types of Themes, Animation and Live wallpapers. You can turn off animation in your android phone by simply going to Setting > Developer > Options > Windows animation scale then chose Animation off. By following this tip you can speed up your android smartphone on the go.

    Update latest software, OS and Apps

    After the uninstalling unnecessary apps now you have to make sure that you update rest of usable apps and also update software and latest operating system. Apps, OS and software updating are another necessary for speed up your android phone.

    Keep space in Phone memory

    Always make sure that you keep some space in internal Android phone. Because lower internal memory is major reason of slow Smartphone performance. Move your all data which includes Apps, images, MP3, video’s etc to external memory.

    Clear App Catch

    Every app build up a catch after used that can slow down an android phone performance. You can delete your cache regularly to speed up android Smartphone.



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