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    Sony Showcases Next-Gen VR Motion Controller For PS5, Here Is Everything You Should Know

    Sony unveiled and showcased the next-gen VR controller suiting with the latest PS5, which makes the gaming experience even improved, here is what you should know

    Sony today offered a first look at its next-gen VR controller for use with PS5, which looks very similar to the Oculus Touch controller, in anticipation of the reveal of the next VR headset.

    Today, Sony unveiled its latest next-gen VR motion controller especially for PS5, as well as a couple of the more significant updates coming to its VR ecosystem. One significant change suggested by the controllers is that the company’s next-generation VR headset would have headset-mounted cameras to optically monitor the controllers, as well as the environment for room-scale movement. (PS Camera and PS Pass, farewell.)

    Details On New PS5’s Next-Gen VR Motion Controller

    Next-Gen PS5 VR Controllers - Official Look
    Next-Gen PS5 VR Controllers – Official Look


    The still-unnamed controllers could be said to have Dual Sense-style responsive triggers for each unit, which enable developers to discern the degree of force input to produce specific sensations like drawing a bowstring or shooting a shot, in addition to its orb-like form, which possibly hides LED tracking markers similar to Touch.

    Next-Gen PS5 VR Controllers Offers Better Haptic Feedback With It's New Responsive Triggers
    The Controllers Offers Better Haptic Feedback With It’s New Responsive Triggers

    According to the brand, haptic feedback should be “impactful, textured, and complex.” “You’ll note the difference as you’re traversing a rocky desert or exchanging blows in melee combat, amplifying the extraordinary visual and auditory experience that is so fundamental to VR.”

    Next-Gen PS5 VR Controllers Offers Fingers Sensing tech
    Also, the new controllers from Sony supports the latest Fingers Sensing technology as well

    The controls will also have a kind of ‘finger touch recognition,’ which the company claims will “detect your fingers without any pressing in the places where you put your thumb, index, or middle fingers,” allowing for more natural hand movements during gaming.

    The latest controller has what appears to be a traditional button and analog stick interface, which has since been adopted by many consumer VR systems at this stage, aligning more with modern VR motion controls such as Touch (great for developers).

    Next-Gen PS5 VR Controllers Comes With USB-C Type Charging
    Next-Gen PS5 VR Motion Controllers Comes With USB-C Type Charging

    While it’s impossible to say, the controllers tend to have a USB Type-C charging port, which may suggest that it has a non-removable battery like Dual Meaning.

    It’s worth noting that Sony’s new next-generation VR headset is yet to be given an official name. There’s still no word on a release date, price, or spec sheet. We’ll keep an eye out for any more details in the coming days, as it’s obvious that Sony is building anticipation for the next major VR announcement.

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