How To Solve Face ID Not Working on iPhone X


How To Solve Face ID Not Working on iPhone X: If you are having any trouble with your iPhone’s Face ID? Is Face ID not working at all, then start working intermittently, or working for a short period of time and then again and again failing?

No longer able to use the Face ID on your new recent iPhone? If so, you are not alone in this issue. This is an issue which is facing by many of the people that their iPhone’s Face ID fails or stops working and they are having a heck of a time fixing it!

While not a widespread problem, for those who experience this issue it’s a real pain in the you-know-what.

How To Solve Face ID Not Working on iPhone X
How To Solve Face ID Not Working on iPhone X

Just simply follow These Quick Tips To Help Fix Your iPhone’s Face ID

  • Then remove any case or screen protector and try Face ID again
  • Or else check your iPhone’s Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI) for indications that your iPhone has water or liquid damage
  • Then you need to reset Face ID then force restart your iPhone. And try to set up Face ID again
  • If you are using the iOS 12 or later, try creating an Alternate Appearance for your Face ID
  • If the issue again occurs directly just after updating the iPhone, reboot your iPhone immediately just even after updating
  • Try restoring your iPhone with the help of an iTunes
  • Or there is also an option to contact Apple Support or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for a screen repair or whole unit replacement

When Something Goes Wrong With Face ID

How To Solve Face ID Not Working on iPhone X: You pick up your phone; your phone unlocks. At least, that is simply how Face ID is supposed to work at a regular period of time. And for many of the iPhone X users, Face ID works just like this.

Moreover, Face ID does fail. And that failure is often one of the main result of that complex relationship between all those sensors and projectors that funnel data to create that detailed facial map.

How Should I come to Know If My iPhone Has A Problem With Face ID?

iPhone X Face ID solution

How To Solve Face ID Not Working on iPhone X: When it merely fails, Face ID does not work even at all. You’ll see one of the following messages on your iPhone screen

  • Face ID is not available. Then try setting up Face ID later
  • Face ID has been totally disabled
  • A problem was detected with the help of a TrueDepth Camera. Face ID has been disabled

Then if you simply see any of these messages, try our tips below before reaching out to Apple Support

iOS 12 Face ID Improvements

How To Solve Face ID Not Working on iPhone X: iOS 12 brings some of the more additional improvements to the Face ID feature regarding performance and reliability.

Apart from that, iOS 12 provides a dual Face ID feature called Alternate Appearance. That means you can scan more than one face.

Some of the other ways of using this feature is to scan your face with and without glasses (or sunglasses, colored contacts, hats, etc.) and then check if your FaceID function performs better.

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