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    Top Social Media Tools for Posting and Scheduling

    Top-rated Social Media tools can offer you more than scheduling your posts. Best social media scheduler tools give you the maximum efficiency to post your content at the times of peak interest or a real-time scenario, advance your connection with your audience and improve the collaboration of your team.

    So, here is the list of top social media tools:


    Loomly brings with a fresh, clean, and intuitive solution for social media posting and scheduling solutions. It has post ideas that will never let you run out of inspiration.

    You can manage all your content assets in one place to be used whenever necessary.

    Loomly has approval workflow, post mockups and post optimizer option to see exactly what you are publishing. It allows you to seamlessly schedule posts to the future with an added touch of content automation for Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


    Agorapulse is another professional social media tool for both the scheduling and posting, covering several aspects of the marketer’s activities. It is a dominant social media management and inbox tool which enables you to schedule your post on different social media channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

    With the help of a social inbox, you can effortlessly connect with the audience, find what they are thinking about your brand, respond to the comments, user tweets, etc.



    Hootsuite is one of the top-ranked Social Media Tools that allows you to schedule your posts to publish any time you want in the future. One can create new posts for future publishing or schedule existing posts for the future.

    You can schedule posts for multiple channels and or delegate them to your team members for approval or revision.

    Hootsuite offers you a wide range of plans to choose depending on your needs. While brands use a business platform, individuals or influencers can select a customized personal plan. It also offers a free plan that allows you to schedule 30 posts on three social media channels. The most common business plan is “the Professional Plan,” which allows users unlimited scheduling across the ten social media channels.

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    Giving credit to the tool name, Buffer allows you to organize all the relevant content you might want to share in one place. By doing so, you can post the selected contents on the most appropriate times.

    By using the Buffer tool, one cannot just schedule posts but also can send their posts to approval, revision, or add to draft. You can customize your caption before posting your content on every social media channel.

    Buffer also has a mobile app, and with this app, you can easily upload images, videos, or add links to your scheduled posts. Buffer has a trick that while using the mobile app, you can’t choose a cover photo of your videos of GIFs. This feature is only available on the web browser extension.


    Sprout Social

    This is a great Social Media Tools for building stronger social relationships and engaging with your audience. Though the main purpose is social media scheduling and posting, it offers much more.

    With the help of Sprout Social, you get content automation, which will populate your social media channels with nice relevant content although it has some really cool features but does not support auto post with a queue.

    It also provides a deep social media analytics and social listening feature for social media strategy evaluation.

    A feature unique to sprout is the visual aids content library using which you can add images to your blog posts.

    sprout social



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