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    Sites that will be Useful to Any Student

    The worldwide web is a vast space of knowledge for anyone, but especially for students. Discovering the best websites for students or college help websites can make life easier. Online research for science, finance, and even writing literature can do wonderful things for college kids. The most useful web sites for college students will prove to be a resource that creates peace in college life.

    Websites for Students that are Worth Using

    There are countless websites available these days to any and everyone. How could a list be compiled that points out the most useful of those sites? It’s easy – the sites on this list will make both school and the future a bit simpler. Whether you’re wanting to write for a living or get a grasp on APA for your classes, these sites help.

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    No college class or professor worth its salt is going to accept Wikipedia as an essay source. However, it does give you an idea of any subject that might come to mind. College kids can look up facts about historical or political figures and have a place to start with research. They can get a better understanding of just about any possible topic with one website.

    Perdue Online Writing Lab

    A college student may have written the best paper ever, but without the proper use of APA, it can get bad marks. With the use of The Owl, professors might think that students pay for papers to be written. All papers written using The Owl are sure to express knowledge of APA and any other format – and students didn’t pay.


    If you are a student that gets tired of buying and writing out your own flashcards, StudyBlue will solve your problem. This site allows you to upload your class study materials to create flashcards in an effort to make studying easier. It also develops quizzes based on the materials provided. This is one resource that you don’t want to miss!

    TED Talks

    With a variety of topics, specialties, and speakers, TED Talks provide interesting resources to all of your papers and projects. Whether you’re looking for subheadings to add to your dissertation proposal outline or writing a paper, TED Talks are for you. It’s a free resource that you never have to pay for and will provide more information than you thought possible.


    You might be looking for an internship as a student, or perhaps graduation is around the corner and you require full-time employment. No matter what your needs are, Indeed can help you to find the job or career that you desire. With ratings for companies, open job listings, and the ability to create a resume, Indeed is a worthy resource.


    This site offers a variety of tools that college students will find useful. Perhaps one of the most useful is the plagiarism checker that is free to use. There is also a great and informational blog regarding tips and tricks for students to employ. You can even pay for papers to be written if you have problems with it. Professional essay writers will write to you a perfect paper. With no shortage of resources, PapersOwl can help all students.

    Google Drive

    As cloud-based software, Google Drive connects you to all of your devices and even to others. If you are in a group project, there is no need to meet up in a common location for every little step. Instead, you have the ability to get online and write your paper or do your slideshow together from a distance. This is a simplified way of doing group work and allows the time-constraints of busy college life to be met.


    This helpful resource has a free and a paid version. The free version requires nothing from students – and it can be helpful to those that struggle with grammar and spelling. Everything that is written or typed on your computer is automatically scanned by the software. It then points out any errors made – the help with essays is clear!

    Why Websites Should be Used as a Resource

    In the modern world, the use of online websites and apps have made things simpler. Failing to use these kinds of resources can put you behind those that do use them. Imagine submitting a paper application to a large company that already has hundreds of online applicants. How much time does it take to go to the library and search for a book on APA?

    While the old way of doing things may have gotten the world here, research and technology are the future. By putting today’s technology to use, you are giving yourself a chance to be a contender in the fast-paced world. Not only do these sites make life easier for college students, but they prepare them for the workforce. The workforce is full of technology and getting things accomplished in a productive timeframe.

    These 8 web sites for college students are far from all of the available sites out there. When it comes to the internet, information abounds. The 8 sites listed are those that might be most helpful to the vast majority of students. Be it finance majors or political science classes; these apps and websites provide what you need when you need it. Put these websites to use to become the best student you can be!

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