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    Show your love for Among Us with this cool Among Us swag


    Among Us Mug

    Drink to a speedy negotiation:
    “Me, the Impostor? Lol.” Mug

    Staff Pick

    Me? The Imposter? Why I’d never! Sip your drink as you watch your friends accuse each other of sabotage.

    $15 at Innersloth

    Among Us Coloring Book

    A solid stress reliever:
    Among Us Coloring Book

    Among Us can be a stressful game, whether you’re an Imposter trying to avoid detection or a crew member trying to complete a task. So why not relax and relieve some stress with this Among Us coloring book?

    $8 at Amazon

    Among Us Socks

    Warm and toasty:
    Among Us Socks (pack of three)

    Finding and successfully ejecting the imposter is a satisfying feeling. Unfortunately, you might have to eject dozens of innocents to find the culprit. Pay your respects by wearing your crew on your feet.

    $11 at Amazon

    Among Us Hood

    Stay comfy:
    Among Us 3D Print Hoodie

    There aren’t many things comfier than wearing a comfy sweater while stabbing your crew in the back. This hoody comes in many different styles.

    $20 at Amazon

    Among Us Plushie

    From the hit videogame, Among Us!:
    Astronaut Plush Toy

    The astronauts in Among Us look so cuddly, don’t they? Luckily someone thought the same thing and created these Among Us plushies.

    $7 at Amazon

    Among Us Calendar

    Where does the time go?:
    Among Us 2021 Calendar

    2020 was quite the year, wasn’t it? Why not leave it and all its scariness behind with this 2021 calendar?

    $14 at Amazon

    Among Us Kids Shirt

    Sus, but make it fashion:
    Among Us Kids T-shirt

    Who doesn’t love a graphic t-shirt? Kids love Among Us, so help them show off their love with this cool Among Us T-shirt.

    $17 at Amazon

    Among Us Phone Case

    Keep it down, alright?:
    Shhh! Samsung Phone Case

    Show your love for the game on your phone, but keep it down — I’m on the phone. A rubber plate inside even allows for wireless charging. It comes in a variety of different sizes to fit most modern phones.

    $22 at Innersloth

    Among Us Face Mask

    Stay safe:
    Among Us Crewmates Kids Mask

    This Among Us mask is another great way to show your love for the game while staying safe. It won’t stop people from thinking you’re sus, though.

    $12 at Amazon


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