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    What Makes Shopify’s E-commerce Shopping Cart Software So Good?

    A shopping cart is often not given the importance it truly deserves. However, a hassle-free cart feature can ensure your customers complete their purchase every single time. Oftentimes, an annoying cart may be the reason why your customers are no longer interested in purchasing from you. But Shopify is entirely different. Shopify’s e-commerce cart software is efficient and it helps to add what your online store really needs. Shopify’s cart has everything you want a cart to have and it ensures that you don’t have to do a lot of work as a store owner either.

    Shopify’s shopping cart makes shopping easy for your customers.

    • Security

    When you are adding a cart to your online store, you want it to be secure. Security of your cart will ensure that customers can confidently enter their credit card details and other payment details without worrying about misuse. Shopify provides you with exactly that. The data that is entered by your customer is safe at all times. Shopify is Level 1 PCI Compliant which means all data entered is protected from fraud and a secure network is maintained during the entire transaction. Shopify uses 256-bit encryption which is used for keeping all customer data extra secure.

    • Versatility

    Shopify’s shopping cart enables your customers to pay through a variety of ways. They can pay using their credit cards or they can pay using PayPal. All the major credit cards such as American Express, Visa, and MasterCard cards are accepted along with many others. A payment gateway is used to accept all payments done using a credit card. There are more than 100 payment gateways that you can integrate from Shopify. These include Amazon Pay, CCAvenue, PayDollar, SagePay, Stripe, and Zip. This allows you to have many options to choose from.


    • Adaptability

    Shopify’s cart is adaptable as it automatically uses the local currency to show prices on your Shopify e-commerce store. The software from Shopify does it without your intervention. The remarkable feature is that tax rates are calculated automatically too. The taxes are based on your business location and the location of your customers. You can change the language of your checkout page as there are more than 50 languages for you to choose from. You can do this to give your store a personalized feel depending on where you operate your business from.

    • Shipping

    Shopify makes your job easier by allowing you to easily set the shipping rate for your products. You can calculate this based on the item price or the weight. This can be a great way in which your shopping cart can tell your customers how much shipping will cost them. It is easier for Advanced Shopify plan members as they can calculate rates in real time through FedEx, UPS or USPS. You can use fulfillment services such as Shipwire to ship orders with a single click as Shopify integrates with them. This enables you to ship effortlessly and automatically.

    • Mobile Cart

    The number of customers who use their smartphones to look for products has dramatically increased in a short span of time. People have started to place their orders via their mobile phones more often at present. This is why a mobile cart needs to be in place so that customers can properly view the cart from their phones. When a customer is checking out using their smartphone, Shopify can detect this action in an instant. It displays the mobile cart immediately and ensures that customers can shop via mobiles conveniently.

    • Abandoned Cart Recovery

    There are many customers who do not complete their purchase despite adding products to the cart. There are a plethora of reasons why a shopping cart may be abandoned. Shopify helps you in this regard as it can help with the recovery of abandoned carts. You get the email addresses of your customers who made it to the checkout page but did not buy the desired items. By sending an email to those customers, you can get them to buy the items that they had added to their cart. This will ensure they complete the purchase and you get to increase your sales efficiently.


    Shopify brings all aspects necessary into the shopping cart which is why it has one of the most sophisticated carts when compared to others. It embeds the features you want to have in a cart and the flexibility of the cart software makes things a lot easier. Shopify’s cart can be best described as an advanced cart that automatically determines a large portion of important aspects. This is why whether you are a small business owner or the owner of an enterprise, you will get the maximum benefits of Shopify’s cart feature for your online store.

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