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    3 SEO tricks to position your website in a short time

    Commonly enough people who are beginning to become familiar with the planet of digital marketing have no idea with certainty what SEO is and why it is so considerable for the web of any kind of company.

    The abbreviation SEO corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon term “Search Engine Optimization” which means organic positioning or natural positioning in internet search engines.

    What is achieved with SEO is to find that a page is located in the top positions of Google or another search engine through the conjunction of elements and techniques thus avoiding the payment of money?

    With this, we are not saying that the SEO techniques are totally free, but they are not actions with an added cost such as SEM, which are paid ad campaigns in Google.

    In addition, we have the possibility to differentiate between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page. The first is related to everything you can do on your websites such as the publication of content through blogs, and the second to the actions that take place outside of the link building strategy.

    Both SEO On Page and SEO Off Page are completely indispensable and necessary if you want to have visibility on your website and capture users.

    In this exciting field of SEO, we will show you three infallible tricks that will allow you to locate your website in a short time.

    SEO tricksIt is necessary to take into account some very important factors to obtain a good Positioning in search engines with these 3 tips:

    1. Prepare a good Keyword Research

    It is the first thing that must be done in any SEO positioning strategy and is to investigate which key expressions (keywords) are the most attractive to attack and our content is positioned well in the Internet search engines.

    If among other things, our company deals with selling insurance, we must investigate the key expressions by which we are attracted to the Internet individuals who find us on Google through utilities such as SemRsuh or Google’s Search Console.

    Thus, we have the possibility to investigate the traffic of expressions as a search engine for a place of life insurance or cheap car insurance to choose which is of our convenience more.

    When we want to locate a company that deals with online training we must also choose key expressions with which we want to be found in Google and do their subsequent exam.

    For any kind of company, it is a requirement to do a Keyword Research for the purpose of updating its website.

    2. Create a blog and establish a content calendar

    As we mentioned earlier in previous paragraphs, blogs are one of the most used and effective utilities to achieve a natural positioning of a website.

    This is why it is advisable to make a calendar of contents that are a huge tool for individuals.

    We talk about finding that there is traffic to our website to sell our products or services, therefore, the more time they are reading in our blog and the more attractive information we offer them, the more options we will have to obtain profit for our company.

    Every expert in SEO has to respect these six rules indisputably to achieve a better organic positioning of a website:

    3. Respect the 6 commandments of SEO On Page

    Every professional in SEO must unquestionably respect these six rules to find a better organic positioning of a website:

    The written content must have a minimum complement of 1500 words The consistency of the keyword you choose cannot be higher than 2.5% Employ titles and subtitles in your texts Use Mission Tags

    Title Opt for friendly Internet address Place in the first paragraph the keyword that you chose in bold and a link to increase the time of the visit of the users With these three tricks that we recommend in this text you will verify that you will be with the ability to locate your website in a short time.

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