How to Save WhatsApp Status Without Taking Screenshots


Whatsapp always introduced new features in their application for users, and few months it has revealed a new feature that is of status. Although WhatsApp is trying so hard to make this feature more adorable but still it has some missing things that have not been resolved still now. Whatsapp does not allow you to save the status stories of anyone. Users have to take the screenshot of the story if they want to save it. But here we have come up with new method to save WhatsApp status without taking any of the screenshot.

How to Save WhatsApp Status Without Taking Screenshots

Now follow these simple steps in order to save Whatsapp status without taking the help of any screenshot.

Step 1: First of all open your whatsapp Status tab and then click on the contact whose status you want to save on your smartphone.

save whatsapp status without taking

Credits: TrickyBell

Step 2: now download a new application that is Status Saver for Whatsapp from the Google play store and after installation open it.

whatsapp status without taking

Credits: TrickyBell

Step 3: This app will take two minutes to sync your status and then it will show you all the status of your whatsapp contacts in one go which are saved to your app device locally. You have to select the status which you want to save and click on it.

save whatsapp status

Credits: TrickyBell

Step 4: And then click on the download option which is placed at the bottom and the image/video will be quickly saved to your device.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you like this article and we are able to clearly tell you how thing works and how you can easily save the whatsapp status of your friends and families without taking any screenshot. If you are not able to do so, let us know in comments we are happy to help you!!