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    How to save battery by changing the wallpaper

    If there is something that worries us in daily use with our phone, it is usually how we manage the battery. Staying at any time is terrifying, especially if we do not have the charger or plug on hand. And is that the digital era has brought us concerns that did not exist before.

    You may have heard that static funds consume less battery than a dynamic one, and it is true. Everything that is a movement of images in the screen supposes an increase of the expense. But what you may not know is that in mobile phones with OLED screen, such as iPhone X, you can have a saving if you spend all that bright screen backgrounds and change it to a black one. The reason? We tell you right now.

    To know, we must first know that on an OLED screen the pixels light individually, unlike the other screens, which turn on the entire panel. And if in a phone with OLED screen we put some image that has a part of black color, it is not going to turn on a pixel of that color, but the black one is generated not turning it on.

    Therefore, if we have a completely black background, the screen will have a very high number of “unlit” pixels and therefore, consume less battery. And well, how much is it able to save like this? The truth is that it is not a scandalous figure, but we are talking about 1 percent less spending per hour.

    If in any case, what you want is an efficient saving and enjoy the screen of your iPhone X without black color, the tips are the same as always, but we remind you briefly.

    How to effectively save battery on our iPhone

    • Use the airplane mode when we have no possibility of using the phone.
    • Reduce the brightness of the screen.
    • Disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if we are not going to use them.
    • Disable notifications on the screen.
    • Activate Low Consumption Mode.

    Do you already enjoy the OLED screen of your iPhone X? Do you have a black background or do you worry about this?

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