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    Samsung’s UWB-based Galaxy SmartTag+ is finally available to purchase


    During Galaxy Unpacked in January, Samsung announced its first Bluetooth tracker alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. The Galaxy SmartTag was launched as a competitor to some of the best Bluetooth trackers on the market, but then Samsung also teased an even better version of the tracker that would be released at an unspecified date. Although without much fanfare, that date happens to be upon us, with Galaxy SmartTag+ now available for preorder.

    Like other Bluetooth trackers, the Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ can be attached to items like backpacks, luggage, or even pets and track them with a Bluetooth signal. Samsung even has a neat crowdsourcing trick where the tag will silently ping other nearby Galaxy devices if you’re out of range; that way, you can hone in on its position. We have a handy guide on how to use the Galaxy SmartTag on your Samsung phone to help you get set up with your new tracker.

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    The Galaxy SmartTag+ takes things up a notch. Thanks to the benefits of ultra-wideband (UWB), the new version of the tracker can provide users with much more precise positioning and tracking. It can provide an AR-powered map to help guide you towards your tag, making it easier to locate your items. Tile has been rumored to be working on a tracker with UWB, highlighting just how impressive the technology is.

    Update, Apr 30 (8:10pm ET) ― Available for purchase from Samsung and Amazon

    After a brief preorder period, it seems Samsung is ready to start selling its Galaxy SmartTag+. The new item tracker is now available to purchase, just after Apple launched its own UWB-based Apple AirTag. The Galaxy SmartTag+ is available now for $40. There are two available colors, Black and Denim Blue.

    A better tracker

    Samsung Galaxy Smarttag Render

    Galaxy SmartTag+

    A smarter way to keep track of your things

    With Bluetooth LE, SmartThings Find, and the power of ultra-wideband, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ makes it easy to keep track of your belongings and your pets. Even if your item is outside Bluetooth range, the Galaxy SmartTag will ping the signal of nearby Galaxy devices to let you know where it is.

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