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    Samsung wants to overcome the Face ID by reading the lines of your hand

    The race to get a biometric identification system different from the competition has only just begun. Although it is still used, the famous four- or six-digit PIN seems a bit old-fashioned. In 2013 Apple implemented the effective Touch ID, revolutionary and very safe, with an error rate of 1 in 50,000.

    And the thing continues, this year with the Face ID of the iPhone X the ribbon has gone up a lot. Developed by Apple, it manages to scan your face and create a three-dimensional map of it, in order to achieve a secure authentication, with an error rate of 1 in 1,000,000.

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    Face ID

    We already know some research about a future authentication system based on sweat, which may be available in a prudential time, even developing a technology to unlock the smartphone with the ear.

    And in this race, there are even news and surprising things. Can you imagine unlocking your phone with the lines of your hand? It sounds a bit like a puzzle, but it is already a patent registered by Samsung.

    Taking advantage of the cameras of the terminal, this one would analyze the palm of the hand and assign to each line or intersection of lines of our extremity a letter. For what? With them, you will form a password, so that if those intersections and the password are the same, the device will be unlocked immediately.


    The positive of this system, if carried out, would be the possibility of using it with both cameras of the telephone, which expands the range of possibilities. What remains to be seen is how this system would work in unfavorable conditions, such as the night or a dark room.


    We will see if Samsung will really develop this system or will be in the water of booze, what is certain is that the key of these systems is the difference, or what is the same, do something that others have not done.

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