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    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 leak reveals storage and plenty of color options


    Samsung Galaxy Z FlipSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

    Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 3 sometime this summer even as the Note-series is skipping a year, but a new rumor adds some color to earlier rumors of Samsung’s new flagships — literally. The company will allegedly ship the Z Flip 3 in multiple colors, including light purple, black, green, beige, matte gray, white, dark blue, and dark pink, as per a report from a South Korean blog, via Sammobile. The Z Flip 3 will also have a base storage of 256GB like the previous two models. It’s still more than the 128GB which had slowly become the standard base for smartphones over the past two years but bit less than the 512GB you’d find in the Galazy Z Fold.

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    Samsung’s phones are typically very colorful, and the company even adds extra color models after launch. There’s a chance that this may end up not being the full color list for the Z Flip 3, and that’s not including possible collaborations like the BTS branded Galaxies.

    If you’re wondering where the Z Flip 2 went, it’s because Samsung has already released two Z Flips, the second one being the Z Flip 5G. Just like with the Galaxy Watch 3 skipping a generation, the company may be counting the Flip 5G as the Flip 2. There are also brand synergy reasons to consider. The next Fold would be the Fold 3, so Samsung fudging the rules a bit to hit a Flip 3 would not be too out there.

    We don’t know much else about the Z Flip 3. It’s likely launching in July from earlier reports alongside the Z Fold 3 with One UI 3.5, but we’ll have to wait and see if more details pop up.


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