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    How to Root Android Via Computer in 2017

    In this post we will learn how to root any android phone via your computer or laptop, we will use Tunes go app from Wondershare. and this Software has a feature of One Click Root. So Hey WhatsUp Guys My Name is Kashif and Lets Gets Started,

    Unlocking your Android phone’s bootloader is the first step to rooting and flashing custom ROMs. So There many ways to Unlock your Android Phone Bootloader. But I Have given an Article link in which We have provided you how you can easily Unlock Bootloader almost on any Android. So make sure to check it out.

    How to Root Android

    1. Make a Full Backup for Your Android Phone

    Nobody confirms that Android rooting is absolutely safe and lossless. To avoid any potential data loss, it’s necessary to backup your Android phone before rooting android phone.

    Step 1. Download and Run TunesGo Android Root Tool on Computer.

    Before connecting your Android device, you need to enable “USB debugging” option on it.

    Now Connect Your Android Phone or Tablet to Computer via USB Cable or WiFi

    Once recognized, your Android phone or tablet will show up in the primary window.

    and It will Install an App called Mobile Go.

    Make sure to give the All permissions on your Android Phone to Run The Tunes go App without any issue.

    So As you can See we have successfully connected the phone Via PC.

    Click on Toolbox, then Click One-Click Root to root your Android phone. In the rooting process, keep your Android phone being connected.

    You can also use this TunesGo Android Root tool to backup important files on your phone before rooting your Android

    It will Start the Rooting Process and It may Reboot your Android Phone.

    So As you can see After Reboot the Rooting Process has been Completed, You can Eject the USB cable from your Phone and check whether your Phone is rooted or not.

    So As you can see My phone has been rooted Successfully.

    If you get failed in this process. I must say that repeat the same process again.

    So that’s it for now if this process doesn’t work I have Given a couple of link of rooting guide. So make sure to check it out. Thanks for reading, If you liked my content Do hit the Subscribe button And I will Catch you in the next one.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
    Hey Guys Its Kashif, Founder of Tech Fire. I spend most of my free time creating content for my YouTube channel and this website. I started my YouTube channel at age 15 and my goal was to teach people what they can do with their gadgets.



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