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    Review: H96 PRO+ with S912 Octa SoC and 3GB RAM

    This H96 PRO+ TV Box can change your traditional TV or LCD monitor into an intelligent platform like a Tablet PC. By connecting with Internet (Via WiFi or RJ45), you can turn your TV or monitor into a multimedia center.  In this way, you can enjoy videos, music, photos, install or uninstall software, games which brings you much convenience and joy.


    Model H96 Pro +
    CPU AMLogic S912 Cortex-A53 Octa Core
    GPU Mali-T820MP3
    OS Android 7.1.1
    RAM 3GB
    Storage 32GB eMMc
    Wifi WiFi aC
    Bluetooth 4.0
     Ports: 2x USB 2.0
    HDMI 2.0a
    Optical output
    AV Output
    Gigabit Ethernet Port
    MicroSD card reader
    Support MicroSD(TF), Up to 32GB
    Recovery button
     Content The Main TV Box
    IR remote control
    5V / 2A Charger
    HDMI cable
    Manual in English

    Description of contents

    Package content

    This new H96 Pro + TV Box comes in a cardboard box with a rather conventional design. Inside we have the TV Box in a first term and the rest of the accessories that accompany this model are at the bottom under a cardboard cover. We have a fairly simple manual with the first steps of start, an HDMI cable, IR remote control and a 5V / 2A power supply with round plug.

    H96 PRO+

    Product Details

    H96 Pro + has a quadrangular plastic box, although it has a design with some decorative details. On the front, on one side we have a status LED that can be disabled by software.

    H96 PRO+

    On one of its sides, we have two conventional USB 2.0 connectors and a reset button. On the back of the H96 Pro +,  we find an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connector, SPDIF optical digital audio output, HDMI 2.0a port, A / V output and the round power connector for the power adapter. Finally, at the level of connectivity in one of the sides, we find a microSD card reader. If we look at the bottom of the H96 Pro +  we find four small legs and different ventilation grilles.

    Connecting the device

    Connection and desks

    We plug the H96 Pro +  through its power adapter and it automatically turns on, in a few seconds the logo of the brand appears and starts the TV-Box.

    H96 PRO+

    • Boot time: 27 seconds

    This SI model has navigation bars and upper notification area something that is appreciated for use with a mouse for example. The launcher is based on the usual design with large icons that favor its use with the included remote control or another control system. From the bottom bar, we highlight a small icon of a light bulb that, when pressed, allows us to activate or deactivate the power LED that has this TV Box on the front and that can be annoying if we have the lights off. The setting options of this launcher are minimal we can only add or remove apps to the folders that are preconfigured.

    In the system of the H96 Pro +  also we have the classic settings of Android 6.0 where we can change the language of this to English(India) so that the App will leave us in that language.

    Android system

    H96 PRO+

    In the TV-Box H96 Pro +  we have  Android 7.1.1  as an operating system, an interesting point since we are to the last incompatibility. The kernel is 3.14.29 and the compilation is dated 22-12-2016, with this firmware version.

    Brand support

    H96 PRO+

    In the H96 Pro +  we have an OTA update app as standard, although we did not find any web reference to support. We will see that long-term support for this model,H96 PRO+


    The H96 Pro + TV-box includes the AMCogic S912  SoC an Octa Core with 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processors and a Mali-820Tmp3 GPU. A fairly powerful SoC that works between the 100 Mhz and the  1.5GHz depending on the performance needs of the system. It should be noted that it incorporates hardware decoding support for the H.265, 10-bit H.265 video codec and is capable of decoding video signal at 4K @ 60fps thanks to the  HDMI 2.0a output connector.

    Storage and RAM

    H96 Pro +  includes  32GB  of eMMc storage memory, from this storage memory we have actually available about 24GB, a figure enough to install a good number of apps. Being a team with SOC AMLogic this has a single partition in the storage memory thing that facilitates the management of our files.

    As we have seen we also have 3GB of DDR4 RAM  and 2.1GB are free after a long browsing of the system, so we can load quite a lot of content on it.

    We passed our tests of memory and internal storage to check the hardware that integrates this equipment, we use the app  SD bench as usual. The results of the H96 Pro+ are very good in terms of storage memory while DDR4 RAM  maintains the speeds we have seen in other similar devices with DDR3.

    Consumption and temperatures

    H96 PRO+

    In terms of power consumption, the H96 Pro +  with the SoC S912  shows results in the line of other equipment, even putting the SoC to the brim with games with 3D graphics only the 6 W  of peak of consumption is reached in specific moments.

    H96 PRO+

    Google Play and Amazon Apps Store

    With the Google Play store, we had no problem finding the most common apps in our tests except we only had some inconvenience with specific apps, we can always download the apk we are interested and install it by hand. With the Amazon Apps Store equal result, no problem noticeable with this new TV-Box.


    In the H96 Pro+  SI TV-Box, we have root access enabled in this firmware so we have full access to the file system of this equipment.

    Power Off / Standby

    In the H96 Pro+ TV Box, we do not have a physical power button on the box, we only have it on the IR remote control. If we make a short press on the button of the IR control the equipment cuts off the video signal and if we press it for a longer time we have a menu where we can turn off the equipment totally. The option to switch off by means of the short keypress can be controlled by a setting in the configuration. Finally, note that we have a virtual shutdown button on the bottom bar of the launcher.


    The H96 Pro+ TV-Box within its range is an interesting product thanks to incorporate 3GB of RAM and a very fast storage memory that makes the system move with great ease. Otherwise a team with the usual shortcomings in software and support that we can find in other Chinese equipment, but that can work properly with Kodi as a multimedia center of low cost and many more things.

    Where to buy

    • The H96 PRO+ TV Box can be purchased from for around $69.99 which is damn cheap and steal deal considering its amount of feature and hardware capability. You will be not disappointed and be Happy to have it

    BUY H96 Pro+ Smart Android 7.1 TV Box From HERE

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