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    How to return to the main screen on the iPhone X

    On November 3 we could start enjoying the latest creation of the Cupertino. After months of rumors, leaks, design leaks and tons of false news, the mystery was unveiled on September 12.

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    We finally saw that the iPhone was not going to come in three colors but in two. It was not going to be called iPhone 8, but iPhone X, that the notch (or notch) was going to have a better integration than we saw in some models and that, indeed the screen was going to be 5.8 inches OLED.

    We were able to verify that the start button, which had accompanied the terminals of the bitten apple from the original iPhone, disappeared for the first time in 10 years. And of course, the absence of this button has raised many doubts. Among them, how to return to the main screen?

    main screen

    How to return to the main screen on the iPhone X

    The gesture you must make is very simple, just slide your finger on the bottom of the screen from bottom to top, come on, the same gesture you use on a previous iPhone to open the Control Center.

    In this way and with this simple gesture you can always return to your main screen.

    And the fact is that Apple’s flagship has made users rethink many of the gestures we have used regularly. Now, with iOS 11 we can make emergency calls with a simple command, or we can unlock the device with just the look, which although other manufacturers already included, Apple has managed to do so in a very natural way, and that could be included in a future on the rest of iPhone and iPad.

    iPhone X

    Remember to keep an eye on our publications so you do not miss this and other tricks. See you soon!

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