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MsHelper Malware – How To Remove MsHelper Battery Malware from your Mac

MsHelper Malware – How To Remove MsHelper Battery Malware from your Mac:

The battery issue is one of the biggest problem faced by someone, either on your Laptop or your Phone. Battery issue refers mainly to the battery drainage that happens on every device.

Mshelper Malware is a macOS malware that seems to be infecting a lot of Macbooks lately and is still affecting. Today in this article we will show you how you can remove the malware from your device in a step by step tutorial.

Mshelper is a malware that overclocks the processor and loads heavy task even if you are not using your processor as such, as a result, if effects your battery as your CPU requires more power to work as it is heavily loaded.

This is a strange problem that is noticed but it isn’t still figured out that from where this malware came from Mac devices, it is guessed that it spread through the web.

Though user error is the likely culprit, we can’t rule out a remote file executing with root privileges via a web browser.

This malware might have made its way to Macbooks through spammy installers for Adobe Flash.

How Dangerous is it?

As of now, we didn’t get any report of data loss of data cooperation from devices but the malware affects the processor of the CPU so it can be guessed it could be a cryptocurrency miner judging by its high processor usage. So it would be better to keep your Mac safe from any type of Malware.


Step 1 Launch Activity Monitor and go to the CPU tab.

Step 2 Sort the processes based on CPU consumption and ensure “mshelper” is present in this list. If it doesn’t show up, your machine is not infected.


Step 3 Open Finder and click on the “Go” tab.

Step 4 Press “Alt” and open the Library folder.

Step 5 Navigate to LauchAgents folder (LaunchDaemons) and delete the com.pplauncher.plist file.

Step 6 Navigate to Application Support folder > pplauncher and delete the pplauncher file.

This are the steps you need to follow to ensure you have a Malware free Mac. For more tips and tricks follow our website and our Facebook Page.


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