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    Register now to watch Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked livestream and earn $30


    Samsung’s most powerful Galaxy ever is about to be unveiled. While details on the new release are slim as of yet, Samsung is hosting a special Galaxy Unpacked livestream event this week to give customers their first look at the latest product. Those who sign up for the event in advance can even score a $30 pre-order discount on the new product.

    This ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ livestream will be Samsung’s third event in just four months. Rumors are swirling but there’s no concrete information as to what product Samsung is releasing until the livestream occurs. We do expect to see a successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 sometime later this year, but for this week’s event, a new PC seems more likely to be announced.

    If you’re having trouble accessing the livestream once the event begins due to a location restriction, we’ll be discussing one of our favorite VPNs to help you watch live from anywhere in the sections below.

    Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: When and where

    This Samsung Galaxy Unpacked livestream event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 28 and will begin at 10am EST on Samsung’s website. If you head to the website early and sign up for the event before midnight EST on April 27, you’ll receive a $30 discount to use when pre-ordering the new release. The discount is valid through May 13.

    Every so often, you might notice that livestreams are blocked from being viewed based on where you’re located in the world. If you’re seeing a restriction and unable to watch the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked livestream, you can use a VPN to browse the web anonymously and unlock access instead. There are a ton of cheap VPN services, though ExpressVPN happens to be our favorite.

    How to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked live stream

    Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked livestream is airing only on Samsung’s website, though once the event begins, you should be able to watch live using any device that can visit that URL including on your phone, tablet, Galaxy Book, smart TV, or another device with a web browser. Then again, if the stream seems to be blocked in your area while the event is live, you could try out a VPN service such as ExpressVPN so you don’t miss the big reveal.

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