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    Recover Your All Deleted Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

    The company EaseUS has presented Data Recovery Wizard, highly effective solution to solve the problems generated by the loss of data.

    The software is available for free, and allows you to recover all types of data from USB memories, external hard drives, memory cards, hard drives, music players, mobile phones and any other storage media. The program can recover lost data due to format, deletion, hard drive damage, software errors, virus attacks, loss of partition or other unknown causes. With a few steps and clicks, users can fully restore their data, regardless of the reason that led to losing them.

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    Thanks to the exceptional features of Data Recovery Wizard, the user can recover files and folders lost in USB memories. In this way you can recover all the lost data, such as photographs, audio, video, documents, email, and so on. The software can be used to restore lost data from PCs, laptops, servers, digital devices and other storage media.

    The powerful features of the software:

    The free software EaseUS Data Recovery provides two progressive modes of analysis, including a fast scan that assists in the search of deleted files, as well as a deep scan, which allows to find the inaccessible, lost, or formatted files. At all times, the user can pause or continue the recovery process, during which the scan results are stored or imported, in order to perform an additional recovery, without the need to scan again.

    Safe and easy use:

    The software is a 100% secure data recovery tool. Therefore, this free tool is an option to be considered by a user concerned about the recovery of data from a USB memory or recycle bin recovery, due to its safe and easy use techniques. Through three simple steps, the user can complete the recovery process. For this, it is only necessary to follow the instructions provided by the interface, and it is not necessary to have previous experience to carry out the process.

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    Key features of the software

    • Completely renewed interface, for a convenient and intuitive process of data recovery.
    • Accelerated scanning of lost files, automatically bypassing bad sectors.
    • Recovery of lost or deleted data, even when they have been deleted from the trash.
    • Recovery of the disk, even after a bad hard disk operation.
    • Data recovery from hard drives not formatted.
    • Recovery of documents, music, video, photographs and email.
    • High quality in data recovery.
    • Support English and German languages.

    Recovery of deleted files in Windows And MAC:

    The software allows the user to be unconcerned if their important data has been lost from a system operated with Windows 8. With the free program EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard it is possible to recover the lost files in Windows and MAC. This data recovery software, highly reliable, allows recover lost data from a hard drive operated with Windows 8, in situations attributable to different situations produced during format, virus attacks, inaccessibility, improper operation, and so on.

    Preview before recovery:

    With this option, the user can select the type of files before scanning, in order to obtain more accurate results in the search. It is also possible to filter by type, file name and dates, to speed up detection and save time. The files can be previewed in order to examine their quality and details, before starting to recover them.

    Additional characteristics:

    • Creation of an image file for data recovery.
    • Recovery of lost folders and files, even after having completely emptied the trash.
    • Recovery of encrypted and compressed files in NTFS.
    • Support for ATA / IDE, SCSI, SATA, fire wire, hard wire, as well as other media such as USB drives, floppy disk, iPod, digital camera, digital music player, etc.
    • Display of thumbnails of the recovered files.
    • Preserves and recognizes long file names during the restoration of folders and files.
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