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    Best cooking apps and recipe apps for Android!

    Nowadays, smartphones are not just for the purpose of communication, but they can also help you to make good Indian recipes, and yes can also provide some of the cooking tips as well. So, here is the list of 7 Food Recipe apps.

    This app is one of the most popular among those with more than 10000 Indian recipes collection. If you are an Indian cuisines fan, then this app is for you. It has covered all the Indian cuisines that you might want to cook and eat. From Northern Part of India to Southern Part of India, every state has been covered here with its special recipe. The app has been designed, keeping navigation easy. There is an option that you can easily use this app and search recipes, as many as you want. Recipes are explained in an easy manner with a separate list of ingredients, as many as you want.

    Indian Recipes FREE – Offline App

    Another app on the list of Hebbar’s Kitchen. This is the best Indian Recipe app for those who always prefer learning from visuals. The app describes each and every recipe with step pictures, and additionally, it has videos for all the Indian recipes. So, learning new recipes becomes easy here. The Hebbar’s kitchen app has all the Indian cuisines, plus it is famous for its instant recipes section.

    Hebbars kitchen

    How about having a digital cookbook on your smartphone? Is not that great? 10000+ Indian Recipes book is one such cookbook. This app will get you 10000+ Indian recipes on your smartphone, and that too offline. The cooking recipes are categorized into the main and subcategories, which makes your navigation easy. It features more than 14 different cuisines in India. You can search for your desired recipe by region, type, cuisine, or even ingredients. You can even bookmark your favorite recipes and can access them later in My favorite section as well.

    10000+ Indian Recipes Book app

    Hindi Recipes app is for the purpose of all the cooking learners and food lovers who prefer Hindi. As of now this is one of the best cooking and recipe apps of all the time. All the Indian recipes listed here are available in the Hindi language, so if you don’t have good command of the English language, then you don’t have to compromise with the English recipe apps. This app is purely made for India. It has a list of 20 categories of food recipes from which you can easily make your choices.

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    Hindi Recipes app

    This is also an Indian cooking recipe apps. This app has a wide collection of different cuisines in India. You can search for recipes by using the smart recipe finder. It allows you to search for a recipe ingredients, cuisine, tags, nutritional values, duration, calories, etc. With the help of using the categories finding recipes is much simpler and easier. There is an option that you can mark favorites and share recipes with others. The app also contains videos of recipes to make your cooking easy.

    Food Book Recipes

    This is a cooking app with no recipes instead. It contains all the little bits of information and rules of thumb that you need in the kitchen.

    It has answers to questions like what can be substituted for buttermilk or baking soda in a pinch; how many bananas does it take to make one cup of sliced; how many cups you can make a pint what temperature should the oven be set to if the recipe calls for a moderately hot oven, etc.

    KnowledgeBook: Cooking

    It is likely that you have seen a Tasty video or two in your time on the social media platform, and the Tasty app for Android and iOS means that you don’t have to track back through your timeline to find that one recipe. Tasty offers step by step instructions and keep your phone screen awake while it does so.


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