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    How To Turn Any Burst Photo Into A GIF With Shortcuts App

    Turn Any Burst Photo Into A GIF: iPhone has recently introduced the feature of shortcut application. To make Siri more productive iPhone has come with this all-new feature. It lets you do multiple tasking which is very complex through various commands.

    If you are a photo freak then this shortcut application will do some fascinating things for you.

    While there are many shortcuts app available we will talk about a shortcut app which can quickly turn any burst photo into a GIF with shortcuts app. This shortcut app amazingly turns your burst photo into the .gif file which you can share on any platform.

    How to convert burst photo into a GIF

    Turn Any Burst Photo Into A GIF:
    Turn Any Burst Photo Into A GIF:

    First and foremost, click on this link to download this shortcut from iCloud. Afterward, you can add this shortcut in your shortcut application. You can also add this shortcut application in another way. Go to the gallery and search for a burst to GIF shortcut and subsequently add it in your shortcut application. if you want to know more about the shortcut application or you don’t have any idea about shortcut application refer to the below article.

    How to Download and Install Shortcut apps on iOS 12

    How to use this shortcut application

    First of all launch this shortcut application. Select the series of the photo which you want to convert into the GIF. After selecting click on convert to GIF. You will get a GIF file containing the GIF of the photos which you selected to transform into GIF.

    Now you can easily share this file via Messages, AirDrop and other services. The only shortcomings till now are that you can’t have that file in your photo library.

    To add the new file in the photo library you just need to do some changes. What follows is the changes which you are supposed to do in the shortcut application.

    • Once the Burst to GIF has been added to your Shortcuts app go to Library section.
    • Tap on the options button (…) on the Burst to GIF shortcut tile.
    • Finally, tap on the search bar and type ‘Save to Photo Album’.
    • Tap on Save to Photo Album to add it to your shortcut and tap ‘Done’.

    After this, your GIF file will be saved in your photo library. Now you can also share or view the file from photo library also. You can also use this Free Online GIF maker to easily create animated GIFs with your favorite photos.

    I hope that this shortcut app will save your time and will be very productive to use. Follow us on various social media platform to know more about various geeks.




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