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    Protect your Oculus Quest 2 from sweat and grime with these face covers


    Oculus Quest 2 Face Covers
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    The Oculus Quest 2 has absorbent foam pads that will become sweat-stained and dirtier the longer you use them, which is why we recommend you invest in one of the best Oculus Quest 2 face covers. Depending on the model, you can find pads made of leather, silicone, or other comfortable materials. They often come with multiple pads, so you can swap one out for the other and wash it when it gets dirty, without potentially damaging the headset. Here are the best Quest 2 face covers when it comes to coziness and cleanliness.

    Vr Cover Quest 2 Winter Edition

    Perfect for sweaty gamers:
    VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2

    Staff Pick

    VR Cover is a trusted name in the VR community because its high-quality accessories feel like an upgrade on the default material built into most headsets. Its Oculus Quest 2 product gives you two polyurethane leather pads, plus a replacement plastic gasket with a light-blocking nose guard and vents prevent lens fogging. Available in multiple colors, the VR Cover face cover can be easily removed and washed, so you’re not constantly smushing your face into months of built-up bacteria.

    VR Cover Cool XG Foam Pads

    Take a chill pill:
    VR Cover Cool XG Foam Pads

    If you’ve already picked up the VR Cover facial interface replacement, VR Cover offers a ton of alternative foam pad types and colors that you can buy to change up the look of your Quest 2. The Cool XG Foam Pads don’t come in a range of snazzy colors, but they afeature a fancy cooling gel inside tucked between a layer of comfort foam and the PU-Leather outer material. Stick it in the fridge ahead of time — like any normal cooling pack for muscles — and you’ll get sweet, sweet relief for the last few minutes of any play session. This two-pack comes with one standard thickness pad and one thicker extra-comfort pad.

    $29 at VR Cover

    Amvr Quest 2 Facial Interface Replacement

    Keep it tight:
    AMVR Facial Vent and Pads

    AMVR’s facial interface replacement is designed quite a bit differently from VR Cover’s, with a totally different pad design and a nifty set of secondary pads that flank the sides of your eyes for an extra-tight seal. This helps prevent light leak that could happen when the foam pads crinkle up, and AMVR’s unique vent design ensures that your sweaty face won’t fog up the lenses. The facial interface is sold in several different colors, while the pads are all black.

    $28 at Amazon

    Oculus Quest 2 Fit Pack

    For different head sizes:
    Oculus Quest 2 Fit Pack

    These aren’t technically face “covers,” but we’re including the official Oculus Fit Pack because we suspect people shopping for a more comfortable fit may just need a wider or narrower interface. These will relieve pressure or give you a more secure fit, while also adding a convenient nose guard to block light bleed and let you fully immerse yourself in the VR experience.

    Esimen Silicone Cover Pad for Oculus Quest 2

    Slip on some silicone:
    Esimen VR Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2

    For anyone worried about removing the default Quest 2 pad, these cheap silicone covers are a simple solution that’ll keep your face cooler than warm foam and also block out light bleed around your nose. They snap directly onto the frame and can be just as easily removed and washed in the sink after getting sweaty. Choose between a dozen different color options, including some unique multi-color options.

    From $10 at Amazon

    VR Panda Oculus Quest 2 Face Covers

    Leather or flannel:
    VR Panda Face Cover For Oculus Quest 2

    Most two-pack face covers are duplicates, but this set actually gives you two different materials based on the type of game you’re playing. The flannel offers a warmer, softer feel for calmer experiences, while the leather polymer makes the headset more breathable and repels sweat during VR workouts. It also ships with a replacement plastic interface.

    $22 at Go QuestVR

    VR Cover Oculus Quest 2 Silicone Cover

    Anti-sweat, anti-slip:
    VR Cover Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2

    Another snap-on silicone cover that can be easily removed and cleaned. We like this version because it stays secure on your face when moving around fast, so you don’t have to readjust your headset constantly. VR Cover fans that don’t want to take apart the Quest 2 to install a new pad should look here. Keep in mind that some users with glasses have noted that these seal air in more, which can cause fogging.

    $14 at Amazon

    VR Cover Disposable Hygiene Covers for Oculus Quest 2

    Built for VR parties:
    VR Cover Disposable Hygiene Covers

    When you have friends or family over, there’s nothing more fun than having a VR party. What’s not so fun, however, is the sweat that will no doubt accumulate on that pad from everyone using it. Whether you’re having a VR party or are a developer showing their tech off at conventions, these disposable covers are perfect for keeping your headset clean for multiple users — and could technically let you enjoy a germ-free VR session yourself if you’re feeling too lazy to swap out or clean the pad. These pads are adhesive and designed to stick to a PU leather or silicone pad, so be sure you’re using that first.

    $17 at Amazon (50-pack)

    Temple Tape Headbands

    Wick the sweat off:
    Temple Tape headbands

    While this isn’t a face pad, it will keep your face pad from becoming egregiously sweaty by absorbing most of the sweat before it even makes its way down your face. This particular design is VR-friendly, as it’s non-slip and designed to cover the front half of your skull rather than just your forehead. It comes in a two-pack for easier sharing —without sharing sweat, of course!

    $14 at Amazon (2-pack)

    Treat your face to some quality VR padding

    The best Quest 2 face covers aren’t just for people who regularly play the best exercise VR games. Pressed tight against your skin for hours, the Quest 2 facial interface is bound to absorb sweat, dirt, and bacteria. Oculus’ official cleaning guide suggests non-abrasive antibacterial wipes, but those may only get what’s on the immediate surface, not what has seeped into the foam. And you don’t want to be too rough cleaning the foam, or you could make the surface rougher on your skin. Some Quest 2 owners have already complained that the default foam pad irritates their skin, after all.

    That’s why you’ll want to invest in removable face covers, preferably two or more. With a silicone cover like the Esimen Silicone Cover, you can remove and wash it under regular soap and water, then leave it to dry while you keep enjoying your best VR life with the alternate cover. Or, with a PU leather cover such as VR Cover’s Foam Replacement Set, you’ll still want to wipe it down with a cloth, but you’ll have an easier time cleaning off the bacteria and sweat than with standard foam.

    In our VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2 review, we praised it as an all-around upgrade on the standard Quest 2 interface. Our one warning is that because the new material repels sweat instead of absorbing it, the sweat is more likely to drip down your face instead. That’s why you’ll want to pick up a headband to help absorb the sweat before it hits the pad, then just toss them in the washer between sessions.

    Once you’ve found the best face cover for you, it’ll make playing the best Oculus Quest 2 games that much more comfortable. From there, fitness freaks with silicone pads should follow up with some of the best Quest 2 workout accessories to optimize their daily VR routine.

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