Best Productivity App For Android

Productivity App

From so many days, the number of people working remotely has been increased dramatically, and so has their need for the technology and software to supplement that remote work. So, here is the list of Productivity App for Android.

Trello – Best Productivity App

Trello app is a Productivity App that is a real saver for the people working together and helps them to get the task done in no time. Its customizable yet simple boards, cards, and lists are an ideal visual tool for organizing your life and work.

This productivity management app eliminates the need for email at the time of working with your team and keeps everyone posted about the progress of the project. Apart from that, you can easily share notes with others and allocate the task to the employees over the vest task manager app.


Todoist – Best Productivity App

Todoist is among the top tracking app that helps to keep you on track with your daily goals and tasks. The best task management app comes with an Intuitive User Interface offering different features that will help you to keep track of the daily progress. Additionally, the app ranks high in the list of the best options when it comes to product management.


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Habitica – Best Productivity App

Habits are the main reason for building a productive lifestyle; once you adopt the right habits, there is no stopping you. Moreover, making new habits and keep with them is not as simple as it sounds, so here is the app that can surely help you with it.

Habitica is the app that lets you keep working on your habits with the help of a video game. In the game, you can choose your avatar and start playing, and with every level up, you will get the reward point.


Evernote – Best Productivity App

Evernote is an app to manage your notes effectively and efficiently. What else can get better than having your best ideas besides you every time? Evernote gives you a chance to keep your work-related professional draft or personal notes on your phone.

You can keep as many notes as you want on the Evernote, and the notes can be further kept as long as you want without even worrying about losing on even a little information stored on your very own Evernote app.



Accessing the important business docs anytime will not only save you time but also let you do anything on the go. With this aim, the Dropbox app was launched that takes care of all your documents and allows you to access them with the help of a smartphone.

The functionality of the app is excellent, as you can drag and drop the documents, edit them, and even make any changes or send the copy over the email and more.



CamScanner is again one of the best examples of the productivity apps which help the user to create PDFs on the go. The app can help to scan, store, sync, and collaborate on various contents across the tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Expensify – Best Productivity App

Expensify is a task manager app that tracks the receipts and manages expenses on the go. Just click a picture of the receipt and Expensify categorize and code each receipt, and submit business expenses for the approval and reimbursement.

The productivity app has been designed for businesses of every type. From budding office professionals to entrepreneurs, anyone can access the app for managing their spreadsheet for the expenses of a business trip.


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