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    What Is the Price of Building a Dating Site in 2018?

    This article is for those, who are ready to build a dating website but don’t have enough experience in this field. We decided to calculate the costs necessary to create your own dating service for chatting with young Russian girls.

    Domain name

    First of all, you will need to determine the domain name and purchase it. A memorable and not too long website address will help build a recognizable brand. It cost about $1.


    Starting from $2-$3 a month, you can purchase a hosting account where your site will be hosted. You can start with a small amount of disk space (1-5 GB), and as the user base grows, you can gradually increase it or use an additional server, cloud storage, and so on. Make sure that the server settings meet all the system requirements of your site.

    Legal aspects

    It is best to take care of legal aspects in advance. If you plan to earn money with your dating site, you will need to organize a legal entity (state duty varies from $60 to $100 and a registered capital of at least $200) or register as an individual entrepreneur for paying taxes. The services of a lawyer will cost $8-$12 per hour or more.

    In order to accept payments from users of the site, it will be necessary to establish a commercial account in the selected payment system or systems (PayPal, WebMoney, or others). The creation of a trading account is usually free, but it may take additional time to reconcile and confirm all the data.

    Choice of platform

    If you are making your first steps in the Internet business, try to do it on affiliate programs at first. You will need to promote some site and bring in new people, getting a reward for it, as well as interest payments from each subsequent payment of a user you indicated. You can attach your domain name to the site and promote the site under your brand. Participation in affiliate programs will give you the opportunity to connect to the existing base of active users, having populated your site in this way from the very beginning. However, if you still decide to create an independent dating site (which will have its advantages, since you will be a full owner of the user base, and all payments will go through you), you will have a rich choice. It may cost $50 and more, depending on the available functionality and type of license.


    You will have to use all possible resources and approach the matter creatively because the competition is very high. There are many ways to tell the world about your site:

    · Contextual advertising

    This is one of the most popular and probably the most effective ways of advertising. The advertiser pays for clicks on advertisements. The number of clicks on the ad to your site depends on the quality of the keywords in the text of the ad. If your dating site is designed for people from a certain locality, focus on advertising outside the Internet.

    · Blog

    Write interesting articles and post them on your dating site or in a special thematic blog. If you have bad written language, hire freelance writers. One 500-word article will cost you about $2-$5.

    · Viral marketing

    Pay attention to viral marketing. The essence of this point is to create interesting content, which will be distributed on the Internet by the users themselves.

    · Unique project

    You can hire a programmer and graphic designer to help you. The average hourly rate for PHP developers and designers is $15-$25. You can find them on freelance websites. You can also order the extension or change of functionality or the development of a unique design for your site. The cost of developing a unique design project starts at an average of $700-$800.

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    Md Kashif Ali
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