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How to prepare your computer to upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Soon will Arrive Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the new grand Windows update. From 17 October you can upgrade, but before you should prepare your computer.

Microsoft continues to spoil its desktop operating system, Windows 10 is in very good health and is a version with good opinions among the hundreds of millions of users who use it every day on their computers.

After the Creators Update update now comes the turn of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and, as is usually the case, some steps should be taken to ensure that everything works out correctly.

Clean your computer

When we install an operating system we find everything extremely clean and fluid, but that does not last long. With the passage of days, weeks and months, we accumulate many files, downloads and endless documents.

Many of them are not essential and we could eliminate them without a problem, not to mention the gigas and gigas in temporary files and cache some installed programs and applications, such as the web browser.

So, before this new update, cleaning is not bad idea. We apply the same to all those programs and Apps that have been unused for months, software that one day installed and did not reopen. Erase it.

Free up space for upgrade

This favours this other step, mainly because Microsoft recommends having 20GB of free storage on the computer in order to install an update. Of course, if they are more than 20GB better than better, it is also not a question of walking fair.

In addition, if you take time without doing a clean installation it is possible that you can free up a lot of space by temporary files and previous backups.

Update programs and Apps to the latest version

In principle all the applications and programs that currently work in Windows 10 Creators Update will also do so in the new version, so we should not find any problem.

Even so, make sure you have the latest versions available , as they could include important security patches or some concrete compatibility.

Exactly the same for the accessories and peripherals that you use on your computer. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

All ready? Make a backup copy

Although this update should not present problems, there can always be setbacks during the process. Therefore, it is always advisable to make a backup of your data.

You can take advantage of cloud storage to upload files or use external storage. Better to prevent.

So, starting October 17 starts the deployment of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and will come through the Updates Center over the next few days/weeks worldwide.

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