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    Best Podcast Apps for Android in 2020

    Whether they are a labor of love or a core pillar of a media company, podcasts have become a staple of our day to day lives. The format also provides with pretty much anyone to put together a program about literally anything, with the opportunity to make it as entertaining and educational as they can. Thus accessibility does not always lead to quality, mind you, but when done properly, podcasts can open the entire new world and perspectives on the topics related to both well established and obscure. So, here is the list of Best Podcast Apps For Android

    Podcasts Addict is truly one of the best podcast apps, which is available on the Android platform. The app is famous for its customization and functionality, other than the millions of podcasts that are available to download for free.

    In every corner of Podcast Addictive, you will see some of the new settings. Among these, there is an option for scheduling downloads for podcast. So, you can even schedule a podcast episode to download even before you wake up. There is also a car layout option to use the podcast app on the go easily and gradually.

    Podcast Addict

    With more than 5 million downloads and 4.7 ratings under its belt, CastBox is probably the most popular Podcast Apps for listening to podcasts for the Android phone. It not only offers you a wide collection of more than 1 million channels like The American Life, BBC, NPR, CBC with more than 50 million free streamable episodes in 70 different languages but also brings in almost all the features you may expect from podcasts nowadays.

    CastBox app

    The Podcast Republic is another very popular podcast apps for Android. It allows you to search not only for keywords in podcasts but also in stations and episodes. Though you may occasionally see a few adverts, you can remove them by an in-app purchase. Like the Podcast Addict, you can browse the top charts, add podcasts by RSS Feed, import OPML files, and play audiobooks in the app. The Podcast Republic also features radio stations that can be either be searched for or added by the URL.

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    Podcast Republic

    Player FM is a progressive podcast player that respects your privacy and understands how to help you enjoy your favorite podcasts even more. You can even download it from Play Store for free and use it with ads, or you can become a premium subscriber and get access to various other extra features.

    The cheapest subscription plan Player FM offers is called Gold, and it costs only $0.99 per month. With the help of a Gold Plan, you can easily sync your playback history across devices, choose from a number of different themes, turn on intelligent data compression to get even more out of your monthly mobile data allowance, and access some of the advanced settings, which lets you to customize the app to your liking.

    Player FM

    BeyondPod is a great example of a well-designed Android app that follows the Google Design guidelines and even delivers a pleasant user experience with all the essential features the best podcasts app for the Android are expected to have. BeyondPod podcast library has millions of contents, and you can even add podcasts from external sources with just a few steps clicks on the screen.

    BeyondPod is designed with drivers in mind. It makes it very easy to save podcasts for offline playback, and its large buttons do not even require the precision of a skilled marksman to be pressed properly. It also works with the Android wear devices so that you can keep your smartphone in the pocket and still be able to skill all the boring parts. If you decide to purchase the optional Pro Unlock Key from the Play Store, that you receive extra features and functionality, including the ability to download various podcast episodes at once, Chromecast support, and episodes synchronization between devices.


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