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    Battery Mistakes that Spoil Your Battery Life

    Hello Guys! In this post I will talk about the myths related to Phone Battery. There is a lot of confusion related to batteries and there are a lot of things related to it, that some people are not aware of. I am gonna explain all these using the Pixel 2 and you will also get some idea about this phone’s Battery Life and Performance as well. Let’s start now!


    and it also somewhat degrades your battery life. This statement is completely true, and I would brief you about it, HOW? When you FAST CHARGE your phone more than normal level of current is supplied to the phone and because of this the phone tends to over heat a bit, and this heat is also transferred to the battery and because of this, over time your phone’s battery life slowly degrades.


    If you’re keeping your phone in any such environment where where the phone tends to heat a lot during charging, THIS as well affects the battery life. YES! Fast Charging does impact your battery life on long run, but its not something to really worry about BUT If you amplify it, using a back cover or, if you keep it under the pillow while charging or on the bed mattress so this, really impacts the battery If you charge your phone in a well ventilated area then even if you use fast charging, it will not be a thing to worry about at-least for next couple of years. You might have even noticed that, lot of big brands like Apple or Asus don’t usually provide fast charging, because of this particular reason because “Fast Charging” in long term, somewhat impacts the battery.

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    The Next Point: You might have all noticed this at some point that your phone sometime slows down overtime and a lot of tech experts also, couldn’t perfectly explain the reason. Sometimes you may even format you phone but still it remains that slow the main reason here, is the battery again.


    Many of you might have even noticed this in case of their laptops that If your laptop gets old it performs better on AC Power Supply compared to on Battery.This is the exact same case even for your Mobile Phones. All these batteries contain some chemicals, and this generates some resistance this resistance occurs due to HEATING, keeping device in CLOSED SPACE and due to PRESSING and…there are a lot of small companies, and some big brand companies as well who don’t pay a lot of attention to the battery composition or optimisation for small/ low budget phone or on the designing of phone, to avoid overheating of the battery and this is why you might have noticed that low budget phone lag in performance, which is due to the battery.

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    So, to check the actual quality of the battery or to know the chemical compounds or composition of the battery or the designing of the phones. The Companies don’t provide a lot of data regarding this. But you can surely check that your mobile phone doesn’t overheat I have tried this phone for 8 Months and this is definitely NOT a Sponsored Post from Google I am giving an example of this phone, because I really like it’s Battery and performance This phone is really slim It has a Snapdragon 835 Processor, 2700 mAh battery.


    SO… A lot of people are usually confused that should you charge the phone over night or not? Some people say that you can charge it overnight, it is completely okay some say you shouldn’t do it. I’ll give you a really simple answer, Charging the phone doesn’t really affect your modern day batteries Even if you continuously charge your phone for a log time it is not a problem It first goes up-to 100% then it automatically comes down to 90% then back to 95% then again goes up and the downand this prevents the battery from degrading What degrades the quality of battery is either overheating of the battery or if the charger provides a lot of heat.

    Calibration of Battery

    So if you are fast charging your phone and kept it under your pillow YES! that will really affect the battery So try to avoid closed places, Back Covers, while your charging your phone overnight else, there is nothing to worry about 🙂 Many people ask me on my YouTube Channel, weather should I calibrate my battery or not?


    Actually, these modern-day batteries have lots of digitise components where the calibration happens automatically but if you still find some problem related to your battery like sudden change in battery charge from 90% to 60% in 10 – 20 seconds or if the charge in battery suddenly gets very low, or increases suddenly Then you will need to calibrate your battery one more confusion is that applications which are stored in RAM, also consume your battery. This is NOT True.

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    Actually, these android phones have RAM of about 3GB or 4GB so that you can store as much application in that memory RAM is also a type of Memory, and if anything is stored in here, there will be no battery loss Battery will be used, if that process is also running in CPU you have to just make sure that the apps running in background, are not taking a lot of CPU Power. Like, a lot of messaging services, Facebook, Location services, etc these consume a lot of battery That’s it for this post guys If you liked this article, then do share with your friends, If you any suggestion let me know so that I can improve. You may also give me some content related tips as well and, I’ll see you guys in the next Post.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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