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    Download and Install PencilChargingIndicator Tweak For iOS 12 Brings Apple Pencil Style Notification

    Download and Install PencilChargingIndicator Tweak For iOS 12: Apple keeps on coming with the whole bunch of new device be it Apple pad or Apple iPhone. But now I am not talking about Apple phone or iPad, I am going to talk about Apple pencil.

    When Apple has released the new Apple pencil it has also made some changes in the feature of the same. The Apple Pencil I am talking about is a 2nd generation pencil which has just been released by Apple. It comes with the whole bunch of updates which I am going to talk.


    When it comes to how you can attach this pencil to iPad it’s quite interesting. You can simply attach it to the side of Apple iPad. It will start recharging eventually giving you a unique notification that the accessory has been connected and it is recharging.

    While this notification was loved by all so much that user has been asking for the same notification style on iPhones too.

    So in this blog, we will be talking about a tweak called PencilChargingIndicator which brings the same looking notification to the phone. At the end of this article, we will be giving you the link from which you can download.


    You can download this tweak from the link given below-


    The feature of PencilChargingIndicator Tweak is enough to download this tweak.  You don’t need to worry about the price as it is available for free. Some of the features of this tweak are the ability to turn it off in certain parts of the device, ability to choose between light, dark, light blurred and dark blurred appearance, have a custom charging message and more.

    I hope you like this article as it will help you to install the tweak quite easily for free. Don’t forget to share this article on a various social media website.



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