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    OverClock – How To jailbreak New Apple WatchOS 3 in 2018

    OverClock – How To jailbreak New Apple WatchOS 3:

    The world of jailbreak is in constant movement and with more reason after the publication of several tools to make it to the latest versions of iOS and Apple TV. Although there are not many advantages that Cydia currently provides, it is important to see the work of hackers in looking for flaws in Apple systems.

    The latest news comes from the hand of Ben Sparkes, a hacker known for creating one of the three iOS 10.x jailbreaks, which has just launched OverClock, the jailbreak for the Apple Watch,  more specifically for watchOS 3.  Yes, the project It is collaborative and is available on GitHub.

    The OverClock:

    OverClock is the latest project in the jailbreak world for watchOS 3 in which an exploit discovered by Vortex based on the kernel has been used with which the tool can be used in any version of Apple Watch. Of course, the developer warns:

    The exact compatibility between operating system versions and hardware is not known

    It is a project with a solid base but it has just started, that is why Ben Sparkes assures that collaboration is necessary so that OverClock can move forwardTo do this, the project is located on this GitHub link, where a list of the elements that would be missing to obtain an efficient and functional jailbreak has been drawn up.


    Overclock for Apple Watch os 3 works on the following listed devices:

    • Apple Watch Series 1
    • Apple Watch Series 2

    Series 3 comes loaded with watchOS 4 out of the box. Therefore, it is incompatible because this tool uses a vortex, which only supports watchOS 3.


    Overclock: Here’s the full list of all compatible Apple Watch versions –

    • 3.0
    • 3.1
    • 3.1.1
    • 3.2
    • 3.2.2
    • 3.2.3

    The main thing is to test the system in the largest number of different Apple Watch versions with completely different to check the effectiveness of the same and possible errors that may arise to update the application.

    Download Overclock: Watch os3

    More Information on Development of  Overclock: WatchOS3:

    Although this jailbreak is quite complete and worth to give a try, there are also some new functionally that will come to this tweak on future update such as:-

    • Fix watch_offsetfinder utility to find offsets correctly.
    • Fix v0rtex exploit.
    • Add kernel patches
    • Codesigning patch
    • Mount root filesystem with full read/write permissions
    • Add SSH support with Dropbear client
    • Find reliable way to transfer files to Watch
    • Port Comex’s Substitute (Substrate alternative) to watchOS 3
    • Add a Cydia-like package installer for running tweaks

    The evolution of the tool can be seen in the hacker’s social networks, which relies on OverClock to go ahead with the help of thousands of hackers and developers who want to contribute to it. In short,  OverClock is not an active tool,  but a project that has just started and that will culminate with a tool that allows access to all functions of the Apple Watch, the most Cydia style on an iPhone or an iPad.

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