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Users of iCloud Mail are experiencing a rare outage of service, with some customers having trouble accessing their inbox for a number of hours.

An update to the Apple System Status support page on Monday advises of one outage affecting iCloud Mail. Listed as starting from 12:13 pm BST (7:13 am Eastern), the message advises the outage is “ongoing” and that Apple is aware of the problem.

Apple doesn’t go into detail about what is happening, explaining “Users may be experiencing intermittent issues with this service.” Posts on social media show users are seeing an account error message when trying to retrieve their email from the service.

It is unclear how many people are enduring the outage, as Apple lists the incident with the note “Some users are affected.” No timescale for a fix has been offered by Apple either.

The iCloud Mail outage follows after a multi-hour outage on Saturday for iCloud Keychain, which left some users with issues accessing the online Keychain storage over the course of three and a half hours.

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