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    iOS 11.2.6 Kernel Exploit – How To Download And Install iOS 11.2.6 kernel vulnerability PoC for Jailbreak

    How To Download And Install iOS 11.2.6 kernel vulnerability PoC for Jailbreak

    A new Jailbreak will be soon coming for our iOS 11.2.6 which will use the kernel vulnerability POC for the jailbreak and is most expected as a developer named Chris Wade just published a new kernel proof of concept for iOS 11.2.6. Here are some important factors which are important for the jailbreak community.

    Chris Wade just open-sourced his proof of concept for the CVE-2018-4150 kernel vulnerability POC  which can lead to Jailbreak of iOS 11.2.6.

    According to iOS 11.3’s security notes, this bug allows malicious applications to execute unsigned code with kernel privileges. It is compatible with iPhone 5s and above, iPad Air and above, and iPod touch 6th generation.

    Chris published this bug on Twitter with a Pastebin link pointing to his proof of concept that triggers the vulnerability.

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    As we know that Apple already made the bug fixed on the iOS 11.3 hence, as a result, Chris made the source code public. iOS is now more secure than ever and no one is willing to blow a vulnerability for free.

    Though it is compatible with all versions older than iOS 11.2.6, it’s relevant only up till iOS 11.2. All firmware versions older than iOS 11.1.2 already have a stable semi-untethered jailbreak.


    When is Jailbreak Arriving?

    Coolstar has already mentioned that Electra can work with iOS 11.2-11.2.6 if he gets his hands on a kernel exploit.

    This vulnerability might just lead to a complete exploit that he might use in the future.

    Judging by his last tweet, he might as well be working on an Electra jailbreak port for iOS 11.2 and above.

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    Here is the Tweet that he did:

    Well, developers are still working on the iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak but as of not it is most reliable and secure iOS version after Apple patched the iOS version with an update.

    So in coming days, we can expect a Jailbreak for iOS 11.2.6, but as of now, we would recommend you to stick to iOS 11.2.6 as it is the safest iOS Version.

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