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    How To Optimize the Battery of the iPhone X

    Most guides to save battery on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch talk about quite counterproductive advice in which you are invited to disable features such as Wi-Fi, background updates, location services, notifications…

    We talk about counterproductive advice because, even if they allow you to save some extra battery, they make the device practically unusable. After all, then you could also have infinite battery leaving the iPhone off all day.

    Well, this tutorial is like one of those. We will tell you some tricks to save battery in the iPhone X by deactivating some functions. In fact, we will even remove the color of the OLED screen.

    The OLED screen is able to optimize the battery for the iPhone

    A normal and current LCD screen includes a backlight and a grid of colored pixels. These pixels change to create the images on the screen, and the light shines through those pixels as if it were a projector.

    Because the backlight is always on every time the screen is activated, although the screen is showing black color tones, energy is wasted.

    However, the OLED screen of the iPhone X is able to use less energy because it only illuminates the pixels it uses. So, how many more pixels of black color … more battery. Do you see how far I want to go …?

    OLED screen + Intelligent color inversion + Low consumption mode

    After the official launch of iOS 11, we were talking about the new “Night Mode” of Apple, which was simply a feature to reverse colors that were updated with respect to other versions of the operating system to be more efficient and visual.

    If you activate Smart Color Investment from Settings> General> Accessibility> Display settings> Invert colors and also enable Low power mode on the iPhone X OLED screen … your battery will be almost inexhaustible! Try it and tell us how it is!

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