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    Is Your Online Rummy Account Hacker-Proof? Know More About These 5 Important Pointers

    Playing rummy online is indeed and fun and perhaps the easiest way to entertain yourself whenever you wish. But, have you ever wondered about the security on your online account? Maybe, its time you start thinking on these lines because, despite the highest standards of security systems in place, your local devices such as your PCs, mobiles, tablets etc. are vulnerable to hacking. Hence, take a look at a list of rummy tips & tricks which you need to know in order to keep you online rummy account hack-proof before learning the online rummy strategies.


    • Safe and strong password


    Your very first initiative to protect your online rummy account begins with password protection. Use a safe and strong password which you alone are able to remember. Ensure it is a mix of upper and lower case letters along with special characters. Never ever share your password with anyone no matter if that person is teaching you how to play rummy online or whatever. Also, never use the most obvious things about yourself as your passwords such as your spouse or kids name, college name, pet name etc. Do not indulge in writing your password somewhere is most likely to get into the hands of someone who may misuse your passwords. Additionally, never use the same password for all your online accounts. Make it a habit to keep changing your password regularly.


    • Scan regularly


    Run regular anti-virus programs in order to protect your systems and devices from online threats or any malicious ware.  These days both PCs and hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets come along security suite and prompt with regular reminders to run scans on these systems and devices. However, the onus lies on you too.


    • Beware of phishing


    Phishing attacks are prevalent online. Fraudulent emails are sent in the guise of reputed companies and induce players to reveal their personal information. Beware of such emails and never share your password, credit card number or any other bank or personal details with them. The best way to exercise caution is to refrain from clicking such links. Do you wish to check the authenticity of such information then you may visit the reputed sites direct and check.


    • Keep away from unsecure websites


    The internet has many unsecure sites too. Avoid visiting such sites as they steal your rummy strategies information. In fact, some of the browsers will give you a warning bell in your search results only.  Sometimes, known websites may be prone to malicious attacks too. During such events, when you get such warning avoid visiting such sites too.


    • Confidential information should not be shared


    Authentic rummy sites do not authorize anyone or ask you to share your confidential information with them. Hence, when there are any unsolicited calls pretending to be from the rummy sites seeking your confidential information about your credit card, OTP or CVV do not pay heed to them and never share any information over the phone.


    Like little drops of water make a mighty ocean, small steps that you take with have a great impact on the safety of your online rummy account.

    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.


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