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    Best offline Android games to play right now

    Games are an excellent avenue of entertainment and one of the best ways to kill time and have some fun as well. Games on PC and consoles are still much more popular, but smartphones have become the perfect companion for game lovers as they can fire up a game anyplace and anytime as well. So, here is the list of best Offline Android games.

    As the name simplifies, Quizoid is a simple offline Android games that can also be played offline where you have to answer any of the questions. It has more than 7000 questions divided into six levels. Quiz and puzzles lovers would enjoy having this game on their smartphones. It can also make one of the fun games to play at parties without the help of any internet.

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    Quizoid has more than 18 categories, three game modes, and various other hints to help you with the game. The quiz contains questions from Literature, Art, geography, famous people, mathematics, language, religion, mythology, and medical science, etc. With the pro version, you will also get 3000 extra questions.

    Quizoid – Trivia

    Crossy Road has been on the Google Play store for a longer period of time and for a good offline Android games. You play as a chicken in this offline Android game, and your objective is to cross the road, rivers, and train tracks.

    The gameplay of the Crossy Road is very easy. The player simply has to move the chicken in different directions using simple tapping. Be wary as the heavy traffic and fast-growing trains will be your demise in the Crossy Road. The game has no actual limit, but there is an eagle always lurking above the ground to make you its next prey.

    Crossy Road

    Implosion – Never Lose Hope is one of the most downloaded offline android games that bring the AAA console gaming experience to your smartphones. The breathtaking graphics, professional audio production, and with the quality voice art altogether make this game worth a try. In this game, you control a mech saving humanity from aliens.

    There are more than five levels from one-time IAP. Implosion is one of the games that does not need the internet to play, which holds your attention for long with its stunning visuals along with some annoying enemies. Each level is filled with some unique but self-explanatory challenges that keep you desiring for more action.

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    Implosion – Never Lose Hope

    Cover Fire is one of the most realistic offline shooting games in this list of the best offline games for Android smartphones. It is an ideal game for all those people who are looking for an action-packed shooting game. The game is rich in graphics and has modern control for addictive and fun combat. It has a great sound effect on the best gaming experience. There are lots of characters to choose from, each powered with their own unique styles and skills. The game provides a large collection of weapons such as pistols, shotguns, snipers, rifles, and many more.

    Cover Fire game

    Badland is also a free runner style game but quite different at the same point in time. You have to guide with a wide range of a bunch of birdy creatures to fly across the dark forest. It’s a visually stunning, physics-based game that will also help to get it surely lure your mind. The gameplay is rather smart than the fast thing; you have to calculate every guess weather which bird to sacrifice and which one to pass through. You can use these birds to pull a lever or press button on the gameplay.




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