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    Now Get A Google Pixel SmartPhone For Just $5

    Google Pixel Smartphone for just $5? Sounds too good to be true Right! Yes, it is, Now you can get a Google Pixel for just $5.

    These days, companies are providing us such exciting offers and discounts on account of the back to school sale. Following the OnePlus offers announcement yesterday, Verizon has currently declared a noteworthy offer for the Google pixel.

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    Starting from July twenty-seventh, you’ll be able to get the Google pixel for simply $5 in exchange for an eligible smartphone that you simply own.

    The phone you exchange for the Google pixel should be in good operating condition and may not have any physical damage. You should provide this phone once you purchase the Google pixel and additionally you will be paying $420 to Verizon at the time of the purchase.

    But Don’t worry! as $300 of this purchase are returned to you over the next twenty-four months as credit.

    Verizon has also announced a $300 discount on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus as a part of this back to school sale. This discount is also Starting from July 27th.

    Similar to the Google Pixel offer, you should exchange a working phone to avail this offer. You are also required to switch to Verizon and pay the amount with the device payment plan.

    So, guys, this was a small offer that we thought to let you know. If anyone is planning to buy a new Pixel device this is the correct time to have a deal-steal offer.


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