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    Nomad releases new leather skins & first glass screen protectors for iPhone 12 | AppleInsider


    Nomad’s continues to expand its iPhone 12 accessory line with its own screen protectors as well as new leather skins.

    Screen protectors

    Nomad’s first screen protector is made from Japanese tempered glass with a oleophobic coating on the outside to repel fingerprints.

    Nomad's glass screen protector

    Nomad’s glass screen protector

    Included the box is everything you need to install the screen protector including an alcohol wipe, a microfiber cloth, a dust removal sticker, and an alignment guide.

    Nomad says the new screen protector will work with most phone cases, though they were precision cut to perfectly match the company’s own.

    These are available for all sizes of iPhone 12. You can pick one up for $24.95 and they are shipping immediately.

    Leather skins

    Nomad is using the same high-quality Horween leather it uses on all of its products in new leather adhesive backings for the iPhone 12 family.

    Leather skins are the ultra minimalist

    Leather skins for the ultra-minimalist user

    They are designed for the minimalists and combine some style with the slimness of a naked iPhone 12. Each skin is only .6mm thick and use residue-free 3M adhesive to connect to your phone.


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