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    Why are there no longer color iPhones?

    I do not know if you remember when 4 years ago came to the store colorful iPhones, the model 5C or the one called by some as “the iPhone of the poor”, which for poor nothing because it cost 599 euros. A terminal with A6 chip, without Touch ID like the iPhone 5S, but with a range of colors unprecedented for Apple: pink, white, yellow, green and blue.

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    Never Apple had left the white or black, the iPhone 5S that was released also that year included the color gold, much coveted by consumers in that year 2013, and then have some other shades such as rose gold.

    Today we can buy the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. The color range from the iPhone 7 until now has been greatly reduced. If we talk about Apple’s flagship colors is space gray and silver.

    Other brands have an extensive range, Samsung, for example, has colorful models, such as a Galaxy S8 in red, and Apple stopped selling the iPhone 7 RED.

    So? Why are there no longer colored iPhones?

    The truth seems complicated. One of the reasons could be that having a short chromatic range, the business of accessories such as covers can have more game. That is, you have space gray iPhone and in the Apple Store, you can choose a good number of covers of varied colors. And by the way, make cash, because the original cases are not exactly economical.

    It can also be that Apple intends to maintain a brand image that makes it stay away from colors, or that perhaps these do not work so well and are not worth being manufactured. The point is that life is made of colors, and Apple offers a range very little varied, but if they decide it for something it will be.

    What are your conjectures? We wait for you in the comments.

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