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    How to use the New Notes App Features On MacOS High Sierra

    If you are used to notes application in macOS High Sierra you might happen to have tons of personalization notes, and one thing you might always look to do is search your notes which you created before. and as a matter of fact, that might messes around down when you keep adding new notes.

    So to overcome this problem Apple has introduced new notes application in the macOS High Sierra which can in your important saved notes at the top.

    Pin Notes on Mac Running on macOS High Sierra

    • Open the Notes app into your Mac
    • In the upper left corner of the screen, Select the one you wish to pin.

    • Once Selected, Click on the file menu at the above top bar and select pin note.

    All done, Now with the same method, you can do it to any notes you might want to pin.

    Starting now and into the foreseeable future, the pinned note will be appeared at the highest priority on the rundown.

    Once, the undertaking is refined, you might need to unpin the same. We should look at that as well.

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    Unpin Notes in Mac running macOS high sierra

    • Open the Notes app onto your mac
    • On the upper left side of the screen in your notes app, you should get a bar which displays all the available notes in a separate particular folder.

    • Click onto the file menu and snap on Unpin Note

    How to Create a Table in Notes

    • Launch Notes from the dock or Finder.
    • Click the Table button in the toolbar. Alternatively, choose Format > Table
    • Start typing in the first box.
    • Click Tab to navigate between boxes.
    • Click Return if you are typing to move to the next row.

    Tables can have connects in them (feature a word or expression and press charge K to include a connection), and you can organize the content inside with shading, text style, measure, weight, all the standard choices. Table cells can just hold content. You can’t put a picture on a table, or one of the checkboxes Notes gives you a chance to put by an activity thing in a daily agenda. You additionally can’t-do much designing to the table itself. You can’t, for instance, shade each other line to make long lines more intelligible.

    Notes let you drag whole lines and sections to another spot on the table. You can’t get a solitary cell and move it like you can in most spreadsheet applications, yet you could simply reorder content to another cell. Notes consequently alter the width of segments in view of the span of your window, and the tallness of columns in view of what’s in them. You can’t change those cell sizes physically either.

    Tables are a decent expansion since they let you sort out data in another visual way, and that is the thing that Notes are about. With a little imagination, you could think of a wide range of employments for tables in your notes.

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