How to remove continue watching items from Netflix

Netflix is one of the best and exciting applications when it comes to watching a series or movies. It has one of the best collections you will ever see on streaming sites. Netflix makes its original content. Now as you can see that Netflix has decreased its price for mobile user its demand has been increased. Netflix is not only famous for its content but also because of its features.

In this blog, we will be talking about all the features which are there in the application. Basically Netflix use data mining technology to come up with the content which you may like. It sees the genre in which you are more interested and comes up with the same genre content hence taking you by surprise. There is also one such feature that continues watching which lets you know what you have been watching in the past.

For some reason, if you don’t want this continue watching the screen on your netflix you can disable it. Many fewer people know that you can actually disable the feature.

Netflix Remove from Continue Watching

Netflix makes it really easy for us to remove items from its Continue Watching list. You can remove movies, specific episodes of a series, or the whole series if you want to. Just follow the steps to do that.

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1. Before we start, I want to share a screenshot of my Continue Watching list on Netflix. I am doing this so that you can compare this and the last screenshot to see that the method actually works. In the picture below, you can see that there are 3 items (1 movie and 2 shows) on my list. We are going to remove a movie and a series to explain how you can do both.

Netflix removes from continue watching

2- First, open the browser and log in to your Netflix account. Now, click on the drop-down menu button on the top-right corner of the page. Here click on the “Account” button to open the account settings page.

3- Scroll down to find the “MY PROFILE” section and click on the “Viewing activity” button.

4. Here, you can see a log of all of your watching history. To remove any item from the Continue Watching list, click on the ‘X’ button at the right of the name of the item.

5. As soon as you click on the ‘X’ button, that item will be removed from your Continue Watching list. For example, I removed “American Sniper” from my list.

6. When you are removing a series from the list, click on the ‘X’ button present next to any of it episode. Needless to say, that specific episode will be removed from the list. However, when you click on the button, Netflix will also give you an option to remove the whole series from the Continue Watching list, as shown in the picture.

netflix remove from continue watching
MY activity

7. Once you click on the “Remove Series” button, the whole series will be removed from the Continue Watching list. This feature is really handy, as you don’t have to remove all the episodes one by one.

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8. Now, let us take a look at the screenshot of my Continue Watching list and see if the items have been removed or not.

I hope you like this article as this will help or guide you to remove continue watching features from Netflix.


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