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    NASA On A Mission To Send Spacecraft To Exoplanet In Search Of Alien life

    Alien, the unknown word that we always thought of and whether it did exist or not that we aren’t sure of, to prove that NASA is coding a mission to send its own Spacecraft in search of Aliens. It is said that the name of the Exploring place is Alpha Century, a star which is located more than four Light years from earth.

    The NASA’s laboratory team has planned to send a Spacecraft which will explore the whole Alpha century system though it will take a long time to reach there and start exploring the system and there is a hope among all the Scientist that after the exploration they can confirm the existence of Aliens.

    The Exploration would eventually take place after 2069 which is more than a decade. According to the New Scientist, the project of exploring the Alpha century planet is now just a dream as The technology capable of getting a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri doesn’t yet exist, that means there are many things to work out for the researchers. As said its a very Big dream and will require a lot of time and effort.

    The presentation for the project of ” Alien Research ” was made by JPL’s Anthony Freeman, who described it as “very time-consuming.” According to New Scientist, Researchers will try to study the interstellar travel that was done on the basis of this project.

    The project, for now, is only being imagined as there is more to see, as it will require more study of  Proxima b specifically, studying the signs of one’s own planet. NASA is tasked with developing technology that can travel at a tenth of the speed of light, which means it’ll take about 44 years for this mission’s future spacecraft to simply arrive at its destination.

    So now, most of the people who are reading this will not likely be very much old at the time of discovery or your children will observe the mission discover. For now, assuming the spacecraft gets to its destination without issue, your grandkids may be in for an exciting announcement sometime after the year 2100.

    SOURCE: New Scientist

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