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    Top Three Best Mobile Spying Apps for Android

    Many of the people considered spying as a negative and illegal activity but there is no harm in spying when it is done with a purpose of preventing someone from any unfortunate incident.


    There is a reason that why this app is on the top of our list is that Xnspy mobile spying app checks all the boxes for expert level monitoring. The app as of now is comprised of more than 35 features to offer and provides convenience in operating and its best ever User Interface makes it an easy choice for even a beginner.

    Compatibility: this is one of the core strengths of this app. You will find Xnspy compatible with all the Android smartphone as of now which are available in the market. It supports the latest version of the Android as well with Oreo 8.0 and all the previous versions.

    Installation process: This is not difficult to set up and almost any person can install it no matter if they have any technical skills or not. You just need access to the target phone before downloading and installing the app. Moreover, do not forget to subscribe to the app on their official website before installing it.

    Android Spying Apps

    To Download Click Here.

    Auto Forward Spy

    Auto Forward Spy, which is also one of the respected mobile spying apps available in the market. Auto Forward Spy supports Android smartphones and has a wide variety of features to offer for its users.

    Compatibility: This app offers compatibility for all the major Android smartphones which are available in the market as of now. But it has not released its support version for the latest Android version of Oreo.

    Android Spying Apps

    Installation: As just like the Xnspy mobile spying app, Auto Forward spy also requires access to the target phone before downloading and installing it finally on the app. The rest of the process is same which is quite similar to Xnspy.

    To Download Click Here.


    AppMia, which is last and third on our list of mobile spying apps because it is known for its basic level monitoring features. All the basic aspects of AppMia makes it the first choice for the beginners who want to do basic monitoring.

    Compatibility: As of now this apps works fine on different operating system platform which includes the Symbian, Blackberry, Android, and iOS it does not support the latest versions of these phones and operating systems.

    Mobile Spying Apps

    Installation process: For using this, it requires the phone to be rooted or jailbreak before installation. But they have solved this by offering AppMia expert assistance for $39.

    To Download Click Here.



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