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    Microsoft Surface Earbuds to Launch on May 6

    Microsoft is now working on launching its first truly wireless earbuds. Dubbed by the name as Microsoft Surface Earbuds, the wireless earbuds are reported going to launch on the 6th of May.

    As per the report revealed, the earbuds will be priced at the cost of INR 16435. The report highlights that the upcoming earbuds will come with interchangeable rubber attachments. It comes with a plate-like design at the outside. The report revealed that the circular design would house some gestures and touch functions.

    The Microsoft Surface Earbuds will come with a speaker with a diameter of 13.6 millimetres, and it will support active suppression of ambient noise. This will happen through a series of microphones. The report highlights that with the Surface devices, the Earbuds will be able to pair quickly with the help of a Swift Pair feature.

    The Microsoft Surface Earbuds are lightweight with 7.2 grams each, while the charging case will weigh around 40 grams. The report also highlights that the earbuds will deliver a battery life of around eight hours with a single charge of a battery. The charging case should offer enough juice to fully charge the earbuds two more times.

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    Microsoft Surface Earbuds

    Moreover, the company has revealed Microsoft 365 Family and Personal Subscription plans for the Indian market. Microsoft 365 Personal costs around INR 420 a month. For the best value, a family of around six people can use the Microsoft Family for INR 530 a month.

    The new Office features have been rolled out to all the existing Office 365 customers, and Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions are now available across the globe. These include the premium desktop office apps, 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per person, 60 Skype minutes for calling mobile phones and landlines, advanced security features to protect users from malware and phishing attacks, Ongoing technical support.

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