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    How To Make instagram Best nine images in 2018

    We all use Instagram and upload lots of photos over there in a whole year. Now 2017 is over and we happily welcomed 2018, a year where everyone hopes for the best. Instagrammers can recollect their best photos as memories that they have uploaded on 2017 and make a collage of the top nine images of it.

    To help all things going we have a website 2017bestnine, a website that lets you automatically collect and collage your most-liked photos of 2017.

    We are guessing that most of you have heard about the best nine but for those who haven’t heard about it or doesn’t know what its all about, here how it works.

    First of all, you must set your Instagram profile, to public for this to work so if you have it set to private, simply change it to public to allow Best Nine to get in there and do its magic. Once your profile is set to public, go ahead to 2017 Best Nine and input your Instagram ID.

    After few minutes, the Best Nine service will offer you options for your final collaged photo that includes your best nine photos from 2017, which will look something just like this.

    The ‘original version’  quotes “Thank you for your likes!” with the hashtag of #2017bestnine at the top. Here is another final Version image of 2017bestnine.


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