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    How To Make A Genius Bar Reservation for Apple Devices

    One of the best things which is about being an Apple customer is being able to get one-on-one support and training from the Genius Bar at one of the nearest Apple Store .

    The Genius Bar is where users who is having any sort of the trouble with any of their iPods, iPhones, iTunes, or other Apple products can get one-on-one tech support from one of a trained specialist. (The Genius Bar is merely for the purpose of tech support.

    If you want to learn how to use your products, Apple has other in-store options for the same.) But since Apple Stores are always so busy, you should make an appointment in advance if you want to get help at any point of time.

    Many problems can be solved by users on their own by following some of the instructions. But if you need in-person, or any type of expert help, the process for getting help can be so much frustrating and confusing. This article makes it much more easier.

    Making an Apple Genius Bar Appointment

    Follow these some of the simple steps to reserve time at the Genius Bar for support:

    1. So, first of all you need to begin by going to the Apple Support website which is: http://www.apple.com/support/.
    2. And then simply scroll down to the Want to talk with someone? section.
    3. Click on the option of the Contact Apple Support for help.
    4. Next, click on the product which you want to get help with at the option of the Genius Bar.

    Choose a Genius Bar Appointment

    After having chosen the desired option and clicked through all the suggested support options which is available from Apple:

    1. Choose how you’d like to get help. There is a wide range of options which are available, but to get a Genius Bar to appoint, you have to choose a Bring in for Repair.
    2. If you don’t see any of these options, then you may need to go back a few of the following steps and select another support topic that ends with these options.
    3. Once you do, then you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID and go ahead.

    Genius Bar

    Select Apple Date, Time, and Store for Genius Bar Appointment

    1. To find your closest Apple Store or any of the other authorized service provider, enter your zip code (or let your browser access your Current Location). Then simply click Go.
    2. If you need help with any of the iPhone, then you should also include the phone company you use with your iPhone for a list of nearby Apple and the carrier stores.
    3. Click on each and every store to see it on a map which is available, how far away it is from you, and to see what days and times are available for Genius Bar appointments.
    4. When you find the store you want, select the day you want and click on a time that’s available for your appointment.

    Apple Reservation Genius Bar

    Appointment Confirmation and Cancellation Options

    Your Genius Bar appointment has been made for the store, with the date, and time which you selected.

    Then you will see a thing which shows a confirmation of your appointment. The details of the appointment are listed there. The confirmation will also be emailed to you at that point in time.

    If at any point of time you will need to cancel or modify the reservation, then you can click Reschedule or Cancel on this page.

    If you need to make any of the changes later, then simply go to the confirmation email and click the options there. And you will be taken to Apple’s official website to make any of the changes there if you want to do.

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