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    Maintenance Mechanic VS Industrial Maintenance Technician: Differences In Job Roles

    Businesses reaching global stature is not surprising nowadays, as most of them are equipping the latest technologies within their proceedings. As more organizations are aiming for worldwide reach, the competition in the industry is continuously surging. But even with the same tech and resources level, some organizations are evolving much quicker than the competition.

    The reason behind the difference is simple, hiring and designating the best possible candidates. Roles such as maintenance mechanics have become pivotal for organizations since they help the business stay optimally functional. However, the position has also created widespread confusion with its similarity with a maintenance technician.

    Both roles seem identical to many, but the differences between them can create a big difference in reality. The confusion between the parts is understandable since even many experienced individuals see them in the same light. Many believe their difference to be merely semantic and use them interchangeably.

    While a technician specializes in several subjects, a mechanic can also get similar things done. The confusion is worsened by the fact that the roles can overlap in some situations. Some people interchange the roles and do searches like industrial maintenance technician salary when looking for a mechanic’s salary.

    If you also ever fell victim to the globally-spread misconception, then do not falter. The blog will help you understand the difference between a maintenance mechanic and an industrial maintenance technician.

    Concepts behind the Roles

    Before completely deconstructing the roles, here are some similarities you should know about the position.

    • Both positions require candidates to have at least a high school diploma.
    • You need to own multiple technical abilities to survive in both roles.
    • Detail-orientation and critical-thinking are must for both roles.
    • A candidate must be organized and familiar with the pressure to function under the roles.
    • Being adaptable, intuitive, and flexible are also the characteristics of both positions.
    • Both roles require you to deal with machinery, fix equipment, and formulate technical solutions.

    Now that you have an overview of their similarities, here are the differences between their duties.

    Duties of an Industrial Maintenance Technician

    Industrial maintenance technicians tend to excel in a specific process, task, or machinery. Their training surrounds machinery, and their expertise is crucial in crunch situations.

    Maintenance mechanics emphasize relatively limited skills and hone them with time. Although the role requires them to excel in multiple aspects, they are perceived as specialists and not generalists.

    Duties of a Maintenance Mechanic

    Unlike maintenance technicians, maintenance mechanics focus on being useful in multiple facets. They learn the fundamentals of different processes, regulations, guidelines, and machines. This helps them be relevant in multiple scenarios where their assistance is required.

    The role is ideal for SMEs where the firm does not need to hire specialized personnel while still needing a mechanic to handle minor-midsize issues. If it boils down to routine checkups and patches, a maintenance mechanic would be preferred over a technician.

    Difference Between a Maintenance Mechanic or Technician

    Businesses tend to invest a considerable amount of money in the industrial maintenance salary department, so it is a given for them to ask for honed skillset. However, the roles require you to have different fortes. Here are some of the differences between a maintenance mechanic and a technician.

    A technician’s primary role is to inspect the equipment, systems, and buildings to identify any possible issues. Contrarily, a mechanic needs to maintain the functionality of machinery and automotive.

    Developing and integrating preventative maintenance practices is a crucial part of a maintenance technician’s job. On the other hand, a maintenance mechanic undertakes reactive measures to remedy any losses.

    While an industrial maintenance technician conducts quality checks, a maintenance mechanic focuses on assembling mechanical equipment as per their specs.

    A technician is required to formulate and alter the maintenance budget. In contrast, a mechanic stays restricted to routine maintenance upgrades and tasks.

    The technician position requires you to maintain the records for supplies and equipment. A maintenance mechanic, on the other hand, maintains repair details, maintenance records, and work logs.

    For the technician role, you need a certificate in maintenance tech, HVAC, or any relevant field. The mechanic role requires a certification from a trade or vocational school.

    Industrial maintenance technicians undertake tasks such as painting, carpentry, and landscaping. Contrarily, maintenance mechanics provide consultation on vehicle and machinery maintenance.

    The technician role requires 2-3 years of relevant work experience, while the maintenance mechanic position can be achieved with 1-2 years of field experience.

    A technician needs an extensive understanding of hydraulic and electrical systems. A mechanic needs to be adept with mechanical systems and vehicle diagnostic equipment.

    Business’ Expectations of Maintenance Mechanics and Industrial Maintenance Technicians

    Tasks assigned to both technicians and mechanics differ for every company and industry. Sometimes technicians are asked to overview particular apps while technicians oversee specific products and processes.

    Mechanics are required to be generalists as they are flexible to fit in different spectrums. On the other hand, industrial technicians focus on selected aspects of the firm.

    While mechanics need to be proficient in different departments, technicians tend to be more proactive in specific cases. For instance, businesses rely on a technician when it comes to dealing with intricate pieces of machinery. Since only technicians are familiar with such machines, they need to be more proactive than mechanics.

    There are not many notable differences between the roles, and the distinctions mostly depend on the business’s nature they work in. Let us take an aircraft maintenance project as an example. Here both maintenance mechanics and technicians will need to possess similar certifications.

    However, technicians will handle stuff like sheet paint and metal, while mechanics will overview every activity. The latter will most likely be asked to carry general certifications, while the former will only need a sheet metal certification.


    With industries garnering immense growth globally, roles like maintenance mechanics and technicians have become integral. However, both roles light a spark of confusion amidst the masses. While many use them interchangeably, many are still confused regarding their duties.

    Sectors such as manufacturing and distribution are abundant with candidates aspiring for the positions, so clarifying their differences becomes crucial.

    While a technician is a specialist who focuses on limited activities, a mechanic works in multiple areas. However, they both indulge in similar activities too.

    That’s why the blog has shed some light on the differences between a maintenance mechanic vs. an industrial maintenance technician. Read through to understand how a mechanic differentiates from a technician thoroughly.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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